Hammer Stakes Its Claim to The Count’s Origin- “Horror of Dracula” -Tonight!

A Scary Schoolgirl Graduates to Gore- "Blood of Dracula" Tonight!

The Classic is Back- the One with Drac! Lugosi IS "Dracula"- Tonight!

Two Versus Two-in-One- Boris Karloff Goes Through Them Changes When "Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" Tonight!

A Big Battle is Brewing- the "War of the Colossal Beast"- Tonight!

Will YOU Be Aware of Who is the Werewolf? Give It a Try- when "The Beast Must Die"- Tonight!

Thanks to A Misshapen Murderer- an Art Studio Becomes the "House of Horrors"- Tonight!

We're Putting a Price on the Original "House on Haunted Hill"- Tonight!

Boris Creates His Own "Jekyll/Hyde" -a Dark Deed for "Black Friday"- Tonight!

Humans Feel Threatened by the "Creation of the Humanoids"- Tonight!

It's a Feline Face-Off- as Lugosi and Karloff Battle in the Bizarre "Black Cat" -Tonight!

Another Hammer Version of a Classic Monster Brings Us Christopher Lee as "The Mummy"- Tonight!

Teens Dial Up Danger- a Killer- and Joan Crawford! "I Saw What You Did"-Tonight!