Boris Creates His Own "Jekyll/Hyde" -a Dark Deed for "Black Friday"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV-  we bring back another film that includes both Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi- but with a bit of unusual casting! Boris stars as a doctor who tries to save his friend by performing an illegal brain transplant; resulting in turning the man  into a Jekyll-and-Hyde case- going from mild-mannered professor to murderous mobster. Bela is, surprisingly, in the role of a gangster, a rival of mobster/professor! This eerie transplant results in the doctor who performed it becoming a selfish agitator urging the kindly professor’s new gangster persona on, to benefit his own agenda. Black hearts and dark deeds mark- “Black Friday”!

Dr. Ernest Sovac ( Karloff) is a "dead man walking" as he heads for his date with the electric chair. We watch as his story is recounted: on a very unlucky Friday the 13th, college professor George Kingsley- Sovac's best friend- is caught in the middle of mob war action on a public street. He’s left in serious condition- as is gangster Red Cannon, who was also seriously injured ( though he was the intended victim). Kingsley has suffered a brain injury, and there is little hope for his survival- until Sovac has a chat with the injured mobster Cannon. The thug has a broken back, and his future is looking grim- so, Sovac surmises that he could take part of the man's brain, transplant it into this friend, and possibly save the good man's life (not caring about the fate of a lesser man like Cannon)! Though such an operation would never be sanctioned- and is far from ethical- Sovac decides to sacrifice the mobster- and do the transplant to save his friend.

Amazingly, the operation is a success- and the professor not only survives the ordeal, but is making a full recovery. And yet- something isn't right- Sovac notices that his pal is acting like the deceased gangster whose brain is now melded with his. Having learned that the late thug had hidden a fortune from a previous crime, the doctor begins to formulate a scheme; if they can find the money, he can use it to fund his research! He makes the excuse that the professor could use a change of scenery to aid in his recovery- and picks the big city, which just happens to be where the late Cannon had his headquarters. Sovac is hoping it will trigger those transplanted brain cells, and revive the memories of where the ill-gotten gains might be hidden!

Not only are memories flooding back, but an unexplainable phenomenon occurs- the partial gangster brain is dominating Kingsley's personality- and even causing a physical change, making him somewhat resemble the late Red Cannon. This new version of Kingsley couldn't care less about Sovac's plan- his main concern is getting revenge on the opposing mob, led by Marnay (Lugosi)! Kingsley starts slipping into Cannon's former life- ready to pick up where he left off with his former gun moll, a nightclub singer-and regain his hidden cash!

Kingsley/Cannon begins a new reign of violent terror - but the waters get muddied by a visit from Kingsley’s unsuspecting family- while Marnay smells a rat, and has his own plans to latch on to the stolen money- and eliminate this somehow familiar stranger!

This 1940 movie is the result of some cast-switching- Karloff was going to play Kingsley/Cannon, but was recast as the doctor- giving Stanley Ridges the role of the professor, which he truly turns into a showcase for his acting skills- convincing playing both personalities, and managing to create two different looks without the use of much make-up. Bela Lugosi was originally slated to play the doctor, but, with Karloff taking that role, he was put into the somewhat unlikely role of the mobster enemy. We’ll tell you more about the cast and the production- and discuss a long-standing rumor about this film with none other than Gilbert Gottfried- plus-some vintage Sven commercial parodies, a visit with the amazing Malcolm McDowell, and more.

“Black Friday” relocates to Saturday tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check local listings (or for time and channel in your area. On Twitter, as usual, fans will be live-Tweeting during the show, and you are invited to join in- always add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweet. This morning, on our main local station, CW26, you can relive the “Creation of the Humanoids” at 11 am.

Many thanks to the loyal fans who turned out to visit with me at the Flashback Weekend horror convention last weekend! I certainly have missed the fans as much as they have missed me, and we had a great time, while adhering to safety precautions. Watch for footage from the event in our future shows!

And, watch tonight as a mild-mannered man of learning transforms into a merciless mobster!

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MADave 3 months ago
5 minutes bloggers start your fingers!
MADave 3 months ago
I mentioned this before when Sven showed a Vincent Price film my favorite appearance of Mr Price was when he was a guest on THE MUPPET SHOW very funny stuff especially the part when he was being interviewed by Kermit the frog and he bit Vincent on the neck
Katink MADave 3 months ago
Funny stuff, MADave! 😆😆😆
Catbat MADave 2 months ago
I have that one on tape
MADave 3 months ago
Who will be first blogger on the new blog in a few hours and who will be first blogger of toons in the morning? These answers will be coming soon saaame blog time saaame blog channel!
MrsG MADave 3 months ago
DO IT MADave !
You can do IT ! ! !
MADave MrsG 3 months ago
Been a loooong time MrsG
Katink MrsG 3 months ago
I second that emotion, MrsG!
DrClayton 3 months ago
I hope to check in tomorrow via phone, using the Hotline in my palatial digs here in Fresno.
TheKodakKid DrClayton 3 months ago
They gave Dr. Clayton a “special” room so that if he can’t get up after he finally goes, he can get help.
DrClayton TheKodakKid 3 months ago
"Help! I've fallen and can't reach my rubber chicken!"
FKrueger DrClayton 3 months ago
Now if you had a tv in there you would be all set
Kyle 3 months ago
Coming up on new blog time!
I am exceptionally ready for this week to be over, and new blog is the reset point that I have designated in my world.
MrsG Kyle 3 months ago
Very smart young man Kyle ~ now turn it over tonight !
gabste Kyle 3 months ago
Good luck Kyle. I'll be sleeping by then ! 😃
Katink gabste 3 months ago
Gabste, you said that last week. . . 😄😄😄
daleuhlmann 3 months ago
A little local trivia about tomorrow night's movie: I'd read that HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL was the first movie shown on iconic Cleveland horror host Ghoulardi's late Friday night Shock Theatre program, in January of 1963. Ghoulardi (played by WJW Channel 8 booth announcer Ernie Anderson) ruled the Cleveland TV airwaves from January of 1963 to summer of 1966.
Islander daleuhlmann 3 months ago
He certainly did, Dale.
daleuhlmann Islander 3 months ago
I first saw HOHH on Ghoulardi's Saturday 6PM MASTERPIECE THEATER, which he also began to host, along with his Friday night show.
FKrueger 3 months ago
Does anyone else (like me) binge watch the Friday the 13th movies today? Just started the first one and will probably get through the 4th one before bed time.
Bugs_Bunny4_Life FKrueger 3 months ago
No, but there are wonderful ghost shows on tonight. 👻👻
gabste FKrueger 3 months ago
Used to !
Klaatu 3 months ago
How oddly funny, I’m watching Hitchcock’s The Trouble With Harry, and there is a MeTV connection: Jerry (Beaver) Mathers is featured in the movie.
Drang Klaatu 3 months ago
The imagined synopsis: Jerry accidentally kills Harry and lies about it; hijinks ensue.

(Curse you, spell check! "Hijinks" is so a word!)
Lucyc 3 months ago
Well, we're headed for the last round up, in terms of last week's feature.
Just some thoughts about Curt Siodmak, who wrote the screen play.
Mr. Siodmak was a novelist in Germany before he fled Nazi Germany. After a sojourn in both France and the UK, he made his way to the US. He'd done pretty well establishing himself as a screenwriter in the UK, and was able to get work as a screenwriter in the US. His first success was penning the now classic horror film, The Wolfman.
After doing the screen play for Black Friday, he gravitated toward the idea of keeping a disembodied brain alive, and the transference of memories between brains. He wrote a novel called Donovan's Brain, and three movies were produced over the next 21 years based on the story, including one with the original title. The last one produced, in 1963, was a movie directed by Freddie Francis, who was usually affiliated with Hammer productions. Mr. Siodmak would return to his memory transference idea again in 1968, with the novel, Hauser's Memory, which is a sequel to Donovan's Brain.
I remember that they made a tv movie from the sequel, as it started my fave, David McCallum. His character's journey is very similar to that of Professor Kingsley in Black Friday, as he progresses from a good man to a dangerous one because of the memories implanted I n his brain.
We've seen a lot of Siodmak's work on Svengoolie He did a lot of films that are considered classics, but he did have a few clunkers, like Curucu, Beast of the Amazon, which has also been shown on the show.
MrsG Lucyc 3 months ago
10-Q Lucyc !
You’ve implanted a yen in my brain to read or see more of his work !
Lucyc MrsG 3 months ago
Hey, Mrs G,
Just keep tuning into Svengoolie, and I'm sure you'll see some more soon.
Carl_N_Brown Lucyc 3 months ago
After CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON, Curt Siodmak redeemed his reputation with LOVE-SLAVES OF THE AMAZONS.
TheKodakKid 3 months ago
California has survived fires and earthquakes, but on Friday the 13th, its luck finally ran out.

The invasion of The Big Blogcasters.

We even had a MeTV star to join us. And, no, that’s not James Arness.
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Bill_K TheKodakKid 3 months ago
You all look good! Sorry I couldn't make it this year.

But be sure to read my "first review" tonight! if you can......
MADave daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Good ol' Uncle Dave
DrClayton TheKodakKid 3 months ago
That's the shadow of La Carcagne flying over...
gabste TheKodakKid 3 months ago
Very sweet
MrsG 3 months ago
Must be Buddy Ebsen day on MeTV ~ now on BONANZA too !
Gitty up !
Drang 3 months ago
Just informed that the shipping date of my new laptop has been delayed to next Thursday.
Another week of phone blogging!😵
Klaatu Drang 3 months ago
Just think how big and strong your thumbs will become. Funny, i have always used my phone to blog on Sventurday. For me it’s easier to jump out of my chair holding a phone to grab a refill.🍺
Drang Klaatu 3 months ago
Much easier to read webcomics on the laptop!
Also, little if any of the amateur radio programs run on the phone or tablet.
MrsG 3 months ago
Hey Cowgirls and Cowboys ~ I know some of you are out there exploring the wild Wild West ~
There’s a good GUNSMOKE episode on now with Buddy Ebsen and a very righteous Rottweiler ~
Can you believe it’s already Friday ( the 13th taboot ! ) ~ getting closer to Svenday !
JournalJeff3 3 months ago
Happy Friday the 13th!
Have a Great Day & Take Care!!
MrsG 3 months ago
‘Twas like a HAUNTED HOUSE last night when electricity went out for 5 hours with nothing but the sounds of wind , rolling thunder and crackling lightning ! Wooooo spooky ~ grateful to have MeTV , and other amenities , restored !
Also grateful for cool photo , from Kodak Kid , of our BB6 revelers !
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MrsG Lynn 3 months ago
“Quirky” is a great word , and sounds like a personal choice , 10-Q Lynn !
There are many others that can be “left at” the HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL !
soon , pretty soon , , ,
Islander MrsG 3 months ago
Need that for tomorrow night's movie. It's an excellent stormy night flick.
MrsG Islander 3 months ago
Hi Mr. I *_* right you are !
Nice to be home and cozy with a Sven movie when a storm’s a-brewin’ !
Lynn MrsG 3 months ago
PatS 3 months ago
It's also Alfred Hitchcock's birthday (1899). Find someone to whom you can say, "Goot Eeeeevening..."
CharlesRocks PatS 3 months ago
Sadly, his only daughter who also has the name Pat, passed away Wednesday at the age of 93.
Klaatu PatS 3 months ago
What a coincidence. I’ll be watching Hitchcock’s “The Trouble With Harry” today with a friend who doesn’t know Hitch movies. Two weeks ago we watched “North By Northwest”, another classic.
CharlesRocks Klaatu 3 months ago
I would also recommend his old British espionage movies listed below.

1. The 39 Steps

2. The Lady Vanishes (Really good train movie, that was probably partially inspired by the Agatha Christie novels)

3. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)~ Featuring Peter Lorre
NoPersonalChicks PatS 3 months ago
I remember in one of the many 'MAD' parodies of his flicks they called him "Alfred Hatchplot", and another thing I can't post here.
daDoctah Jack 3 months ago
Continental drift:

CharlesRocks 3 months ago
Free breakfast sandwich today and tomorrow at Wendy's.
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