Can Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee Avoid Getting Stoned by- "The Gorgon"?!

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Tonight on Svengoolie-  we get both Peter Cushing  AND Christopher Lee- as well as Barbara Shelley- when a monster from Greek mythology once again rears its ugly- actually, snaky- head in early 20th century Prussia-  and some of the locals turn stone cold- literally- as they  fall victim to the calcifying creepiness of ‘The Gorgon”!

We meet a young artist painting a portrait of his less-than-clad girlfriend- who anxiously asks if he’s going to marry her. Bruno says he has business to attend to, and the nuptials will have to wait- which upsets his lady for an ( ahem) important reason she reveals. Hearing this news, Bruno,an honorable lad, sets out into the night to go see the girl’s father- which she feels may not be the best idea. So she heads out to catch up with him- only to have a frightening and fatal encounter with something in the dark woods.

Before long, at the medical facility of one Dr. Namarov, the local police inspector shows up with  the girl’s body. The inspector requests an autopsy, which may have a degree of difficulty, since the poor girl has been turned to stone! The police, trying to explain the woman’s demise, search for Bruno- only to find him dead, hung from a tree limb. At the coroner’s inquest, the prevailing opinion is that Bruno was the culprit, and committed suicide afterward. Bruno’s father, Heitz , refuses to believe this , and vows to stay in the area to clear his son’s name. He finds himself harassed by an angry mob, and discovers the local police are barely any help. Even Dr. Namarov dismisses his questions, leading him to believe there is something foul afoot. That night, he finds himself drawn to the nearby ruins of a castle- where he encounters something of such great horror that he flees, screaming. Upon his return to the house, he is obviously changing, with his butler shocked to see what is becoming of his master. He begins to write a letter, and asks that the butler summon his other son, Paul, and give him – and only him -the letter- as he breathes his last.

Paul arrives, but finds everyone in town, even the authorities, have no interest in helping him find out what has happened to his father. He asks to see the body, but is refused- and doubts Dr, Namarov’s claim that his father simply had a heart attack. However, Namarov’s lovely nurse Carla seems to pity the young man, and has reason to believe that an ancient supernatural evil has  returned to the area. Paul, urged on by what he has read in his father’s letter , suspects the same- and actually has his own encounter with the horrid creature!

Five days later, Paul awakens in the hospital, in bad shape, but thankfully having not succumbed to the petrifying curse that has befallen the others. Carla shows feelings for him( and far from the same feelings for her boss Namarov). Meanwhile, Paul’s old teacher, Professor Meister, arrive in town to help determine what has happened to his student- and what is happening in this town. Suspicions about Namarov- and the realization that the Gorgon now lurks in the shadows of  every full moon- lead to secrets being revealed- and the danger of turning to stone looming in the future of many!

This 1964 full-color Hammer film has a great cast that we will give mention to- including Cushing, Lee, Shelley, and an actor who was the earliest reincarnations of Dr. Who ! We’ll do a little explaining about the Gorgon of mythology- show a spot for a Gorgon business offshoot- and bring you a new song.

“The Gorgon” is scheduled for MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- you can find out when and where it airs in your area in your local listings and at  Last Saturday night, we were trending in the top ten nationally on Twitter, thanks to all of you who live Tweet during the program- please remember to use the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago viewers can get one last tingling sensation from “The Tingler” when it airs on WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

Coming soon- some appearance visits from Sventa Claus- and very, very possibly- a new merchandise item ( just in time for the holidays)! Make sure you check at occasionally to see what’s new.

Wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving- as we give thanks for your constant support- and say no thanks to getting more than a gizzard full of stone- tonight on MeTV!

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CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
It felt like a Saturday to me today very odd 😱
Maybe I have a Turkey hang over 🍗🤠🍗

I missed the Macy's
Thanksgiving Parade
😞 darn I saw like one float and Diana Ross and then back to making food! I always watch darn 😯

🍃🌹I will watch the next one on "New Years Day"🌹🍃

My mom is coming over for a turkey sandwich
🍗🍞🍷 tomorrow😊
I'll go for that 😋

PatS CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
Absolutely, Carrie! Half the fun of Thanksgiving is scarfing turkey sandwiches for the next few days. Larry always adds stuffing and cranberry sauce.
CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
Happy Birthday Keith🎉
CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
My short story about
Birdzilla my Turkey 🦃
for Thanksgiving all 22lbs of it 🍗

We opened the oven to check on the turkey to baste it as we
uncovered it noticed that part of the turkey
split right on top and you could see part of the bone on top 😮

I "gasp what happened"
I asked my husband😨
He said not sure I basted and thought it's just like "Christmas Vacation" the movie🎄 Clark going to carve the turkey when the family over cooked it turkey split wide open and it was extra dry and they ate it by dipping🍗 some turkey in there water glass 😂because it was beyond dry ha ha!

I thought oh no what if my turkey does same when my husband carves it 😅😄😃 it was funny!

Well it was okay😋🍗 did not have to be dipped in our water glass 😉😁
I think I got lucky but maybe I left it to it a little to long 🙄

Have a nice evening 🌒

Split right down the middle, huh? Remember Tabernash and her exploding brooches? Better than exploding turkeys--ha-ha!
Ha ha Dale 😂 it can only happen too me
It still tasted good😋
Catbat 15 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve All!
Bowtox don't Even account for tomorrow night. Haha
DrClayton Catbat 15 months ago
Needs the Rawhide formula for The Hundred Days Of The Dragon!
daleuhlmann DrClayton 15 months ago
I believe That's an OUTER LIMITS episode, isn't it?
Carl_N_Brown daleuhlmann 15 months ago
Yeah, that was the episode kinda like The Manchurian Candidate movie plot.
CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
Hi everyone🤓
Happy Friday Sven on his way 👻📺👻

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving 🦃
Lots of work but worth all the cooking for loved ones 💝

Turned out well a short story later about my 😄birdzilla 🦃 It sure did remind me of one of my
favorite movies🎁🎄🎁
Christmas Vacation I started to laugh 🤣

See you later for the story 😉 I'm working
at my desk 💍my happy
spot 😁
Have a nice fun day⛄ hope your not shopping
It's not safe🛍😉🛍ha!
WILLOUGHBY 15 months ago
Keith sends his gratitude to those wishing him a happy birthday, as you may not know that he also shares his birthday with George of the Jungle. Does a lot of face planting with his surfboard these days. Aloha Friday!
Catbat WILLOUGHBY 15 months ago
Sorry a bit late in the day but a Very Happy Birthday Keith!
Willoughby please keep him safe. Haha!

DrClayton WILLOUGHBY 15 months ago
Birthday ditto(e)s!
daleuhlmann 15 months ago
If I may take a leaf from Kodak Kid's book:
Today, November 23, marks several celebrity birthdays:

Boris Karloff
Harpo Marx
and ... most importantly of all ... (drum roll, please!):

Keith Anderson (AKA Keika)

Happy birthday to my blog friend and writing partner--and happy birthday to Willoughby Wolf, too! --Awoo!
TheKodakKid daleuhlmann 15 months ago
So is it called “Black Friday” because Keith is in morning because of his advanced age? Hope Willoughby didn’t leave one of his usual “presents” for Keith today.

Seriously, Keith, hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

Knew about Boris, didn’t realize it was Harpo’s Birthday as well.
scottieO daleuhlmann 15 months ago
Keith, Happy Birthday With A Cherry On Top.
Matt 15 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving !
daleuhlmann Matt 15 months ago
Same to you, Matt!
DrClayton 15 months ago
Morning, all! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

I suppose sardines will be in order for Mr. Sardonicus? (Or semolina pilchards?)

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I see SOYLENT GREEN was set in 2022...

daleuhlmann DrClayton 15 months ago
Ha-ha, Dr. Clayton!
scottieO DrClayton 15 months ago
(sound bite) "I think I'm gonna be sick."
Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
Stocked up on essentials.
Am not leaving the house this Black Friday.
May search my videos tho'

"Black Friday"
starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi
written by Curt Siodmak
directed by Arthur Lubin
unleashed by Universal in 1940
featured on Son of Svengoolie 10 Oct 1981,
on Svengoolie 1 Nov 2014 and 8 Oct 2016.
daleuhlmann Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
That's what comes to my mind when I hear the words "Black Friday"
Catbat 15 months ago
Svengoolie /Rich!
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Hope you are enjoying your holiday with family and friends. Hope all is well with you and your's. Thank for giving.
CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
Catbat 🍁
Happy Thanksgiving I hope you had a nice
day with your family🌺

The Turkey tried to get kill me 🤣 but I won!
My Birdzilla did good
🍗 yum!
Hope your mom is doing
better ⚘
Take care 💝
Catbat CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
Haha! Dear, glad you had a good day . Saints won! Go rest now. You know how that triptophan
Catbat Catbat 15 months ago
Is. Haha
abc123 CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
made enough for 12. had 7 at the table. everyone left happy, and i won't be having turkey everyday 'till christmas!
Catbat abc123 15 months ago
Happy Thanksgiving Howard N! Glad you had a good time
CarrieLynnCastro 15 months ago
Dale hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
our family had a nice turkey dinner 🍗🍰 Lots
Of work 😨

I think next year we will
go to my cousins house 😄

I'm in pain my shoulder the Turkey did it 🦃
Birdzilla a perfect name for that huge monster a huge bird 😋 very taste

Take care Dale 💝
Thank you, Carrie--same to you!
Catbat 15 months ago
Forget Black Friday,
Remember the Black Knight
TheKodakKid 15 months ago
Finally having a chance to sit down and enjoy a meal of turkey with all the trimmings. At a restaurant on my way home from the salt mine. The trade off for working today is that I have the next 3 days off.

Everyone stay safe out there. Had to drive NEAR a mall to get here, and traffic was unreal.
LarryTheTrainGuy 15 months ago
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we did . good friends good food and the Bears beat the Lions hooray can the rest of the Holidays be far behind
DrClayton LarryTheTrainGuy 15 months ago
Where were the Tigers?!?
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