Don’t Make Him Angry- They Already Made Him MAD! “Mad Ghoul” Tonight!

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We're happy to reprise the evolution of the new Svengoolie coffin during tonight's show on MeTV- in which you not only see how the beautifully crafted current coffin was created, developed, and became a part of our dungeon studio set-but also can thrill to a bizarre Jekyll and Hyde type story- though a separate Jekyll is converting  an innocent man into  a zombie-like Hyde through unholy experimentation,turning the poor individual into the "Mad Ghoul"!

Yes, yet another mad doctor, smitten with a lovely singer whose romance with her boyfriend  is collapsing as she feels herself becoming distant from him, decides to take advantage of the situation and eliminate the competition. The devious Dr. Morris is obsessed with an ancient Mayan form of nerve gas – and uses lovable  lab monkey Jocko as the first subject to test it on. It works, and the doctor manages to revive him- but only through the use of fluid from another monkey’s heart- meaning another simian must die for Jocko to live! There lies the complication- without the coronary fluid, a victim of the gas cannot remain alive- so the "donor" of the fluid must die. Morris is just as obsessed with  the comely vocalist Isabel as he is with the Mayan gas- and will utilize the gas on his student-the woman's  boyfriend Ted, who remains devoted to her in spite of her falling "out of love" with him. The doctor feels that this will put him first in line to become Isabel's next love. He follows Isabel on her performance tour-bringing  Ted along as a zombie-like slave- and, in each town, they must find a new victim to murder in order to gain the fluid to keep Ted alive. Complications arise when Isabel is revealed to now be  in love with her pianist/accompanist Eric! It appears that the doctor must again eliminate his competition for Isabel’s heart -while instructing Ted  to remove yet another heart from a doomed victim!

Familiar faces abound in this 1943 chiller- you'll see perennial players George Zucco and Evelyn Ankers , and "King Kong"'s  Robert Armstrong, as well as a favorite character of our blog readers, Jocko the Miracle Monkey! The film has plenty of eerie atmosphere, and we'll add the usual Sven comic relief with a Sven song , a commercial for a simian cereal, and- of course-  lots of info about how the new Sven coffin came to be!

“Mad Ghoul” will arrive on ME-TV  tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific- 9 central, and, if you’re unsure of our channel or time slot time slot in your area, check your local listings or at . Viewers in our home Chicago area can see Hammer's “Curse of the Werewolf"at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

If you're reading this early- you have time to come meet meat the big C2E2 comics and entertainment convention at Chicago's McCormick Place today- I'm signing ONLY from 11 am to 1 pm - get in line early to avoid being shut out- and we'll also be roaming the convention floor to shoot segments for upcoming programs ( please know that we can't sign autographs during that time- both because we have to get work done, and because the C2E2 management prefers to have that done in the autograph area to avoid congestion on the floor! ) Make sure to visit the MeTV booth as well!

Also- if you have an iPhone- you can pick up the new "Svenmoji by Svengoolie" package in the Apple app store! Lots of funny stickers- many of them animated- to add to your text messages!

Make sure you keep an eye on the Dick Tracy newspaper strip- I'll be showing up in there again soon as part of the current story line! And- be watching for the announcement online of the winners of this year's Rondo awards late Sunday night.

Sorry to hear of the passing of actress Yvonne  Monlaur- who played the pretty young teacher in Hammer's "Brides of Dracula". We'll get another run of that film later this year.

...but for now-tonight, watch things get cruel with the ghoul- and see how socko Jocko can be- on MeTV!