From a Misty Mountaintop Comes- "The Crawling Eye"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we’re moving on up- to a mountain peak surrounded by a mysterious mist that conceals a deadly menace to mankind that ends the life of any mountaineer that climbs into it- and becomes a threat as it moves downwards towards a populated town! You won’t be able to take your eyes off “The Crawling Eye”!

There is concern around the Swiss mountain Trollenberg, where many of the climbers who came to scale its heights recently met with a tragic death. Aboard a train, we meet two sisters, Anne and Sarah Pilgrim, sharing a train compartment with Alan Brooks, a United Nations operative. As the train passes the Trollenberg, Anne suddenly faints- and, when revived, insists that she and her sister disembark at the town by the mountain- even though they are supposed to continue on to Geneva!

Brooks, who was headed to the town anyway, arranges for the women to stay at the same hotel as he, owned and operated by the town mayor, Herr Klein. At the hotel , they meet a young man, Philip Truscott, who recognizes that the two sisters are actually a famous mind reading act- with Anne being the one with the psychic powers. Truscott seems unusually interested in what Brooks is doing in town.

We find out, when Brooks travels to an observatory high upon the mountain, where he confers with an old friend, Professor Crevett, about the strange deaths of climbers recently. They seem to be similar to another situation that both men ran into a few years ago in the Andes- where locals claimed something was living in the mist-and this appears to be a reason for concern.

While two climbers head up the mountain to a base camp cabin, the sisters do their mind-reading act for the folks at the hotel- during which, Anne suddenly seems to be channeling thoughts about the two men, and again collapses. Things get more eerie when the men cannot be reached- and Brooks and Truscott join a search party to look for them at the cabin. What they find is horrifying- and things just get worse as there are more deaths, and Anne’s visions become more frequent and controlling of her actions! Then comes the report that the misty cloud is moving down towards the village- and the townsfolk must all get to safety- if there is such a thing! The danger that lurks within the cloud is finally revealed- and may destroy the entire population of the village, as well as the visitors!

Though the title of the film itself is a spoiler, we are trying to keep from actually showing the full creatures in the fog, for the benefit of those who have never seen this film. Perhaps we can learn something from last week- when a problem with an uplink caused the last 15 minutes of the show to black out for 20 to 30% of our local affiliate stations ( due to the similarity of the effect, it was first thought to be a sunspot outage, which happens around this time of year). You saw the posts here on the blog of many people who did not know how the film ended- which means they had never seen it before, no matter how old and how many times it may have aired. We again ask if commenters would please be aware that there are viewers who haven’t seen some of our films, and not ruin whatever surprise they might enjoy-although we know that even the movie posters give a lot away.

We’ll mention the original name of this film, talk about its cast,  including “F-Troop” star Forrest Tucker and Janet Munro, promote a new beverage, and present another new song.


Many thanks to those who sent us word that they have cast their votes in the Rondo Awards! If you still care to vote, you can go to - and make your voice heard. The deadline for voting is midnight, April 25.

Join us when all eyes will be on MeTV tonight!

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MollyMooneyes 7 days ago
What a BLAST from the Past. I first saw The Crawling Eye when it was shown on The Million Dollar Movie, my first ever scary movie. I've been hooked ever since. Seemed a lot scarier the first time but that's to be expected, I was 6! Keep them coming.
NurseSal 14 days ago
After a couple of years trying to establish an account, I've finally made It! Hello, everyone.
Carl_N_Brown 14 days ago
I will post nada about the upcoming movies til everyone has their newsletter.
1MikeM 15 days ago
one of those gar things
gabste 1MikeM 15 days ago
Hellooo MikeM !
1MikeM gabste 10 days ago
hellooooo gabste!
The1Butler 15 days ago
This week flew by in the blink of an eye 👁 ! Just one more ! 🤣😂
gabste The1Butler 15 days ago
I agree ! Hope you had a great day ! 😊
The1Butler gabste 15 days ago
Yes i did , im Krispy, face is red from sun and wind 🤡
KeithJ The1Butler 15 days ago
Mmmm Krispy Kreme....
gabste The1Butler 15 days ago
Oooo you have any aloe ?
gabste KeithJ 15 days ago
Ha ha 🍩
gabste The1Butler 15 days ago
Put it on yo face !
CrazyK 15 days ago
Bring on the GARGOYLES!!!
The1Butler CrazyK 15 days ago
The copper bunch !
CrazyK The1Butler 15 days ago
CarrieCastro 15 days ago
Waiting for the 👹
Gargoyles to arrive
😱 yikes!
CarrieCastro 15 days ago
CrazyK sorry for the
loss of your friend 🕊
CrazyK CarrieCastro 15 days ago
Thank you very much Carrie!
abc123 15 days ago
Alright. I got my video uploaded and photos too. 55 minutes to go. Had a fun day at work. Lying on the floor working on a printer at a nurse station, a nurse rounds the corner and sees me lying there and almost has a heart attack. Good laughs from her fellow nurses. thought she was going to kick me for the heck of it...
The1Butler abc123 15 days ago
She should have poked you to see if your alive!
Carl_N_Brown The1Butler 14 days ago
poke poke
"He's dead. Send him to the morgue."
"Hey. I'm alive"
"Shaddup. Who's the medical professional here?"
CrazyK 15 days ago
Just got through watching the new Mortal Combat movie! It was awesome! There are a couple Gargoyle-ish characters in it, Kabal and Nitara!
Talk about a cage match!!!
No gloves 🥊 🥊 here!!!
FKrueger CrazyK 15 days ago
I'm just catching up on the blog and wanted to say sorry about the loss of your friend. Hang in there.
Klaatu CrazyK 15 days ago
Sounds good. All I remember of Mortal Combat is Sega.
CrazyK FKrueger 15 days ago
Thanks FKrueger, I really appreciate that! 🙂
CrazyK Klaatu 15 days ago
Oh yeah, for sure it’s a good game and a good movie! I give 5 out of 5 stars!!!
MADave 15 days ago
Ladiiiiies and gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages we have now set a new record of over 4500 posts congrats to you and give yourself a klink
Klaatu Drang 15 days ago
I see nuthing!!! Nuuthing!!
MADave 15 days ago
Cute story to share with y'all this morning while I was brushing my teeth and stuff my cat was waiting for me to feed him and give him water he's such a good boy
gabste MADave 15 days ago
Awwww 😊🐈
MADave 15 days ago
Wow this has to be a busy week for us bloggers Islander mentioned we are almost at 4500 posts can we do before midnight just 10 more after his post
Katink 15 days ago
I love spring! All the migrating birds make their way north. . .
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CrazyK Katink 15 days ago
Nice new avatar! 👍
Katink CrazyK 15 days ago
Thanks, CrazyK! 👀
The1Butler CrazyK 15 days ago
I did i did scroll to fri at 6am !
Thanks for all the bday wishes ! A close friend of mines bday is the same as mine , so we always wish each other HB every year !
CrazyK The1Butler 15 days ago
That’s really cool 😎
Islander 15 days ago
We just finished watching a DVD "Three Billboards".
It was shot in Ashville, NC and Maggie Valley, NC where I was at last week.
Interestingly , a few scenes were shot in J. Arthur's restaurant in MV where Mrs. Islander and I have dined.
We now resume viewing of our local ME TV Affiliate.
gabste Islander 15 days ago
*Asheville 😁 never been to Maggie Valley, I don't think 🤔
Jack 15 days ago
We had the radon pump in my mom's basement inspected this morning. That's sorta like a gargoyle...
MrsG Jack 15 days ago
She must be so tickled that you are there Jack !
Katink MrsG 15 days ago
And the gargoyle in the basement probably enjoyed the extra company. . . .👀
Islander 15 days ago
Approaching 4500 posts for the week. This has to be a new blog record. Everyone give yourself a pat on the back. Myself ...... I'll KLINK !
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Islander MrsG 15 days ago
Oh yes, no doubt you're out there Mrs.G.
Katink Aceman2 15 days ago
How was your golf outing, Aceman?
Islander Aceman2 15 days ago
Bravo Bravo
Kergooliewyn 15 days ago
Well everyone, may the night gargoyles protect your dreams.
My cat is waiting for some Momma time. Hopefully I will not get lost and will see you all tomorrow.
Night! Hope to see you around tomorrow!
CrazyK Kergooliewyn 15 days ago
Good night!
Katink CrazyK 15 days ago
Sleep tight! Don't let the gargoyles bite!
CrazyK Katink 15 days ago
Haha, I’m not going anywhere except for #1 tonight.
Kergooliewyn went to bed.
Kergooliewyn 15 days ago
Well Butler, I might as well get in on this Happy Birthday,
to You. Wherever you may be.
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