Ghidorah? Ghidrah? Ghidorrah? A Name for Each Noggin- “Ghidorrah the 3-Headed Monster” Tonight!

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It's the Naaame Game- Shirley! Surely, my quoting the old 1960s Shirley Ellis tune is just a reference to the multiple spellings we've found for  tonight's feature monster- the title  frame on the actual film says "Ghidrah"- lots of literature on the movie says "Ghidorah"- and the title we got from the distributor says "Ghidorrah". We're using the last one in print, in deference to the distributor who provided the film for us- but- no mater what, you guys know how to pronounce who the title monster is - "Ghidorrah the 3-Headed Monster!"

This 1964 film- the follow-up to "Mothra VS Godzilla" (or "Godzilla VS Mothra"- more name confusion!)- begins with a police detective assigned to protect a princess set to visit Japan, supposedly the target of assassins. On her flight  to Japan, strange things occur- with the plane exploding, never to arrive!

Also occurring  at about the same time- there's an unusual meteor shower going on- and one especially huge one is the subject of  an expedition by a team of scientists who brave the wilderness to examine the meteor- which exhibits magnetic properties on and off.

The detective is stunned to see a photo of a woman who has appeared in the city, claiming to be from Mars- who looks exactly like the princess who never arrived! She has  the gift of prophecy and warns the public that disasters are on the way- including the re-appearance of the monsters Rodan and Godzilla! Unfortunately, the faction out to kill the princess also notices the resemblance- and  a cadre of thugs are sent to finish the job the plane explosion may not have accomplished.

We see the famed tiny fairies -the Shobijin- from Mothra's island- they are in town for an appearance on a television show (hey- even fairies have to eat...). They end up involved in the Martian/princess situation- with the woman finally taken to a psychiatrist, who finds nothing wrong with her- as she reveals that a major threat to the earth is ready to attack- a three-headed creature which has already devastated Mars- known as King Ghidorrah- who has a connection to that meteor we mentioned earlier!

This just adds to the mayhem already being caused by Rodan and Godzilla- who are battling each other and destroying landmarks as collateral damage. The government decides to ask the twin fairies if Mothra might help- maybe convince the two battling behemoths to join forces and fight Ghidorrah. Can Mothra, still in the larval stage we saw in "Godzilla Vs Mothra", make the difference in the onslaught of monsters- and- will the mobster assassins  make good on rubbing out the Martian/princess?

There's a lot to discuss about this movie (beyond the spelling of Old Triple-Noggin's name)- and we'll fill you in on the cast, the origins of the monster, and more. This is another fairly long movie- come on, it's jam-packed with three- no, actually FOUR- giant monsters- so we'll limit our Sven content a little.

"Ghidorrah the 3-Headed Monster" flies your way on MeTV  tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings (or at for time and provider availability in your area. Chicago area viewers get to take a second trip with the Munsters in "Munster Go Home" at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U.

I think tomorrow's color comics edition of Dick Tracy in the newspapers may be my final appearance in the current story line- but I get to wind up big with an actual "scene" with Tracy himself! It's been a real honor to appear in such a legendary comic strip- with one of the greatest and best-known characters in pop culture.

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Make sure you join us for tonight's triple-header- under whichever of the three possible names you wish!