Herman Seems to Grate Britain in “Munster Go Home” Tonight!

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Join us tonight on MeTV as we export classic TV"s first family of fright to our friends in Great Britain- only to have the Brits bellow "Munster Go Home"!

In one of the most requested movies from our Sven library (yes- really!),the beloved TV family (with more than a slight resemblance to some classic Universal monsters) has a family meeting when Herman arrives home from work-  as Lily brings Herman the news that he has inherited his adopted family's estate in England- as well as the official title of lordship! "Lord Munster" and his family pack up their things at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and ship out on a posh ocean liner, with Herman looking greener than usual- finding seasickness too much for his stomach (or, whoever's stomach he has)! Meanwhile, at Munster Hall in England, his relatives - who are dead set against Herman taking over the estate and the title- begin plotting against their American cousin.Meanwhile, back on the ocean liner, it's the usual turmoil, as Grandpa tires to cure Herman's seasickness but causes a transformation he didn't count on- and niece Marilyn catches the eye of a young Englishman who appreciates taking the curves- in his fancy car, I mean!

The Munsters arrive at Munster Hall, where dastardly cousin Freddie, his sister Grace, and Aunt Effigie launch their scheme to frighten the Munsters away (do they not know who they're dealing with?!) - and- should that fail- go to extreme and deadly measures. Meanwhile, Marilyn has a biking mishap, and runs into (almost literally) a gentleman from a neighboring estate- only to find that he is related to her shipboard Romeo- and- even worse- their family plays the Hatfields to the Munsters' McCoys- having a long history as sworn enemies of the Munster clan. When it looks like the locals have turned against them-the only way that Herman can save face, redeem his family’s good name, and prove worthy of his new title, is to win the area's yearly road race - in spite of the opposing family and the treacherous members of his own familial group !

This 1966 film was the first time fans  could actually see the Munster family on the big screen; in color- in fact, in Technicolor; and get their first look at the famed “Drag-u-la” hot rod designed for the movie (and TV show) by  the late George Barris. We see most of the familiar TV cast- with the addition of the third actress to play Marilyn, Debbie Watson- and many well-known faces from TV shows like "Andy Griffith", "Hogan's Heroes", and "Chips" -  as well as  stars of motion pictures- including a horror icon! We'll talk about them, and, since so many people have enjoyed it- bring back our search for the Munsters' cars at our favorite auto museum in Volo, IL.

"Munster Go Home" comes into your home tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central- and, for those unsure where and when to tune in where you live- just check your local listings or at . Our Chicago viewers can relive the history of the current Sven coffin during the story of  the " Mad Ghoul" this morning at 11 on our sister station- WCIU, the U.

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Get your passport in order for Great Britain- and a not-so-great driver- Herman- tonight on MeTV!