Humans are "Knee-deep- Knee-deep" in Danger- it's "Frogs"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- it may seem to many of us fighting the chill of winter that a visit to the warmth of Florida might be welcome- but perhaps not, if it’s about to become the battleground between humans and amphibians, reptiles, and various other creatures, out for revenge against the polluting ways of man- heralded by the arrival of- “Frogs”!

This 1972 horror film starts off calmly enough- with Pickett Smith, a wildlife photographer, canoeing through the waters of a swamp, taking photos of various plants and creatures while noting evidence of pollution throughout the area. He is unceremoniously overturned by a speedboat driven by a boozy young man, and is taken aboard the craft to meet the wealthy young idiot Clint and his pretty sister Karen. They offer him the chance to come dry off at their palatial family mansion, where he meets the patriarch of the family- the wheel-chair bound grump, Jason Crockett, who invites him to stay to join in on the combined celebration of his birthday and the 4th of July. It’s obvious that Jason run his plantation- and his family- with an iron hand, and that his business methods are responsible for the pollution Pickett has observed.

Also observed is that the area seems to be overrun with frogs of various sizes, and Jason, not very fond of their presence, has sent out his man Grover to spray pesticide (great! More pollution!) to solve the problem. Little does he realize the problem is already well on its way out of hand.

Pickett meets several other members of the family, as well as the house staff- and actually seems to meet with Jason’s approval. He is even asked to check on the whereabouts of certain missing people- and his findings are not good. He has also found an unusual amount of swamp creatures all over the area- many more than are normal. As employees and family members become victims of attacks by the different animal species, it’s suggested that the family should leave the area- but Jason refuses to let anything interfere with his celebration, and demands that they stay! Things only get worse, and escape begins to seem impossible- as the frogs grow in number and no human is safe!

This movie was made during a time when ecology was becoming a major concern, and it is considered to be part of a group of films known as “eco-horror” in which nature fights back against the population polluting and destroying the natural world. It boasts some big name actors- from Ray Milland and a very young Sam Elliot to well-known TV actress Joan Van Ark. We’ll tell you about the cast, and some background on the production, as well as bringing you a new song- and watch for a brief greeting from a major star and Sven fan who faithfully watched my shows when they were just local to the Chicago area- and still tunes in today! And, for those who have seen the original poster promoting the film- no, there is no huge frog big enough to swallow a human and have its hand protruding from its mouth- but there are enough deadly creatures around to make up for that! We do warn you that there are some scenes that may not be suitable for all viewers -especially those who don’t like snakes, frogs, and other creepy crawly things!

“Frogs” invades your TV screen tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Once again last week on Twitter, so many viewers were live-Tweeting during the show that we were trending at various levels for the whole program- and we think that might just happen again tonight. Feel free to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie. This morning, local Chicago area viewers get to marvel once again at the stop-motion artistry of Ray Harryhausen in “Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” at 11 am on CW26.

We are proud to announce that a series of spots we were a part of  promoting the premiere episodes of the CW series “Superman and Lois” were named best TV station self-promotion by the Illinois Broadcasters Association, winning a Silver Dome award in the state-wide competition. The spots had me as spokesman, talking about the series and, naturally, making some jokes about the Man of Steel. We are very honored, and thank our coworkers Molly Kelly, Steve Boal, Jeff Hinkle, and Jim Roche for including me in this project. As a longtime comics fan, being a part of something with Superman is always like a dream come true!

Tonight, however, things will lean more towards nightmares than dreams- as cold-blooded creatures become cold-blooded killers!

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Soloshowz 9 days ago
Wow! Would Grandpa Munster ever have guessed that Dragula would have sold for $440,000 at auction!
abc123 10 days ago
About an hour to go
Before the new Blog
I wish everyone well
Hope one day we can share in some grogg
Katink abc123 10 days ago
Nice, 123! Maybe even some egg nog. . .
Klaatu 10 days ago
Good luck to whomever gets first blog. I’m driving to the in-laws at Pismo Beach, so my hands are busy avoiding traffic.
Mikeyyy Klaatu 10 days ago
Be safe!

Will you be home for the movie??
Jack Klaatu 10 days ago
Don’t forget the left turn at Albuquerque!
Katink Klaatu 10 days ago
Safe travels, Klaatu!
Mikeyyy 10 days ago
Good luck in the big race!

I’m thinking we might have a surprise winner this time…
NoPersonalChicks 10 days ago
Goodnight, everyone & sweet screams
Klaatu NoPersonalChicks 10 days ago
Pretty…Pretty…weird. And scary .
Carl_N_Brown 10 days ago
FROGS as a game of CLUELESS
Grover in the swamp by snake bites
Michael Martindale in the swamp by white moss and tarantulas
Kenneth Martindale in the greenhouse by poison gas knocked over by geckos
Iris Martindale in the swamp by a rattlesnake
Stuart Martindale in the swamp by alligators
Clint Crockett in the lake by a cottonmouth moccasin
Jenny Crockett in the mud bank by an alligator snapping turtle
Jason Crockett in the mansion by a heart attack
(after hundreds of frogs break in & stare accusingly at him).

Pickett Smith, Karen Crockett, and Jenny's kids, Tina & Jay, escape by crossing the lake in Smith's canoe.
Not resolved is the fate of Charles the butler, Maybelle the maid, and Belle Kenneth's fiancee (Clint took them across the lake in his boat and got separated during the bird attack).
MrsG Carl_N_Brown 10 days ago
Very ingenious , and quite the head count when you tally it ALL up like that ! They were dropping like flies !
Jack Carl_N_Brown 10 days ago
That is totally weird—I just got off the phone talking with my mom about—among other things—the film _Clueless_ (the 1995 remake of _Emma_)! The reasoning is more than a little convoluted, so I’ll spare you… this time.

That wasn’t just any white moss, that was Spanish moss _Tillandsia usneoides_, which isn’t a moss but a bromeliad. In movies, it usually signals that the story takes place in the Deep South. In this part of Texas, the Spanish moss gives way to ball moss _T. recurvata_. I’m gonna guess that tarantulas don’t normally inhabit Spanish moss—in the US their ranges don’t overlap much.

While geckos looked on as Kenneth met his end, it was a black and white tegu _Salvator merianae_ that was doing the heavy lifting by knock the various chemicals to the greenhouse floor where they combined toxically.

Thanks for reminding me of something I’d been meaning to get of my chest—other than the tarantula-Spanish moss thing: The selection of species for the movie. I saw one herpetology review of _Frogs_ that gave the film kudos for good cinematography of real, live creepy crawlies, and that most of the snakes were species native to Florida. On the other hand, I found most of the other herps to be a stretch. Alligator-check! Alligator snapping turtle-check! Carolina anole-check! Leopard frog—there’s got to be at least one species in Florida—check! But the others… First and foremost, cane toads are NOT native to Florida! The baby alligators were actually spectacled caimans _Caiman crocodilus_. The aforementioned tegus are native to South America, and Tokay geckos are native to Asia and the southeast Asian archipelagos. Granted, today cane toads, and Tokay geckos are established in Florida, the cane toads in part because of escapees from this very movie, but if you’re filming an eco-horror movie in which the wee beasties take revenge on mankind for fooling with nature, at least stick to native species!

Postscript: For grins, I checked Wikipedia’s "List of reptiles of Florida”—Most of Florida’s lizards (reptiles in the suborder Lacertilia) are introduced. The remaining native lizards are smallish, at least not bulky enough to push jugs of chemicals off a shelf. A turtle or alligator could do it, but would be unlikely to be crawling on a greenhouse shelf. Either the noxious chemicals would have to be stored in smaller bottles, or the herp wrangler would have to convince a snake to push over the jugs or train a group of anoles to do it in unison!
PatS Jack 10 days ago
How about the diamond-back rattler? (Whose bite does not kill immediately or inevitably, despite reputation.) Also, it's not easy to see but Jenny was equally done in by a gang (some other group label?) of crabs. Which didn't seem native to a lake. If one is stretching imagination, one could suppose some neighborhood herpetologist had a badly corralled collection of exotics.
Drang 10 days ago
I do believe I will not be participating the The Race this evening. We both tested positive for Flu Manchu, and it mostly seems to mean we're tired all the time. Hopefully we'll be able to make it through the movie tomorrow night.
(Adding insult to injury, because I can telework, I don't even get time off!)
MADave Drang 10 days ago
Please take care of yourselves and hopefully you and Mrs Drang will be on the go real soon!
daleuhlmann Drang 10 days ago
You two please take care of yourselves.
Drang Drang 10 days ago
Thanks, folk. Like I said, it's mostly being tired, as well as a cough and sore throat.
About to go to bed; I guess that increases the chances I'll be up for toons...
Lynn Drang 10 days ago
Take care!
Katink Drang 10 days ago
Feel better soon, Drang! Sending you and Mrs. Drang virtual chicken dumpling soup.
MrsG 10 days ago
Many of us will have a double feature this weekend ~
TARANTULA to be followed by IZZY
+ a full wolf moon and nice bright star from Gemini constellation !
Woohoooo !
Mikeyyy MrsG 10 days ago

Aceman2 10 days ago
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MrsG daDoctah 10 days ago
Ha ha you guys crack me up !
Don’t know if there ever was one but those creepy cockaroaches would make one scary Svengoolie movie !
Jack will know what they were but we used to call them water bugs when found in the cellar when a kid growing up in the city ~ black , HUGE bugs ! Used to put cucumber peels around the sewer lid to ward them off ~ I know , doesn’t even sound right huh ? !
Super creepy !
Carl_N_Brown MrsG 10 days ago
When I was a kid, we called the big squishy black ones water bugs (mostly found in the crawlspace under the house) and the smaller leaner brown ones cockroaches (they would invade the the pantries).
Mikeyyy MrsG 10 days ago
In Florida we called them palmetto bugs.
Jack Mikeyyy 10 days ago
That’s a real estate euphemism, as in “That’s not a cockroach, it’s a palmetto bug! Must’ve gotten inside with so many people coming to see the house!”
Aceman2 10 days ago
Looking forward to the race to first blogger. It feels good to win
MrH 10 days ago
Looking forward to tommrow movie. Can’t believe the Today show is 70 years old today. I feel old!
MrH MrH 10 days ago
Also rip bob saget!
MADave 10 days ago
I apologize for being off topic but where were you this date January 14th 1973? The reason I ask is because The Elvis Presley aloha from Hawaii spanned the globe nationwide with 1.5 billion viewers
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MADave TheKodakKid 10 days ago
Gee Dwight we were just little tykes
Drang MADave 10 days ago
Sunday, January 14th, 1973...?

I dunno. There was probably snow on the round... Watching the Super Bowl, maybe. homework, I was in high school.
Other notable event: "Dancer Roy Castle is measured at 1,440 taps/min on BBC TV"
Jack Drang 10 days ago
A Sunday in January in fifth grade? Prob’ly playing Junior Pro basketball in the school gym.
PatS MADave 10 days ago
I would have been in San Francisco. Probably entering data in some office as a temp typist. (Great use of my B.A.)
Carl_N_Brown 10 days ago
Another 1970s eco horror was PROPHECY where paper mill pollution caused a giant mutated bear.
Not to mention 1972's release of GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER.
Aceman2 Carl_N_Brown 10 days ago
I believe FROGS .was theatrically released on March 10, 1972 as a double feature with GvsTSM.
Carl_N_Brown Aceman2 10 days ago
IMDb notes that FROGS included stock footage from GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER (probably pollution).

1950s and 1960s movies listed as "double feature with" on various movie archive websites didn't always match how I remembe seeing them at the local A-run and B-run walk-ins and drive-ins. I suspect there were mix-and-matches going on especially when movies were released (sometimes after being retitled).

I honestly don't remember what played with FROGS locally in 1972.
MrsG 10 days ago
Our man Robert H. Harris from HTMAM is on RIFLEMAN ~
MrsG MrsG 10 days ago
Also ~
This is the episode that Chuck Connors’ son Jeff appears on briefly ~
Aceman2 MrsG 10 days ago
Was he a good guy or a bad guy?
KeithJ 10 days ago

We had a protector, but he vanished!
Thereman KeithJ 10 days ago
Another fine example of man’s best(ed) friend!
Catbat KeithJ 10 days ago
Amazing he got anywhere with them itsy bitsy legs
MrsG Catbat 10 days ago
Hahaha !
Yep , Spidey’s are longer !
Aceman2 KeithJ 10 days ago
That’s called a strategic retreat. It’s what General Custer should have done
Drang Aceman2 10 days ago
You're gonna need a longer list...
NoPersonalChicks KeithJ 10 days ago
The dog made a business decision.
Catbat 10 days ago
Ken Curtis sighting on In the Heat of the Night!
Catbat Catbat 10 days ago
Also Mariclare Costello aka Miss Hunter on the Waltons!
Mikeyyy Catbat 10 days ago
I caught the last half hour. 8mlikenhow they got him at the end when he offered to work with the police and they told him he wasn’t black or female, then the resident there said he was also too old.
LmerFudd 10 days ago
The Playboy interviews by Alex Haley were amazing reads, predating his seminal "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" and "Roots".
Drang 10 days ago
The title of the Road Runner cartoon "Fastest with the Mostest" is a reference to a quote attributed to confederate general Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, who, when asked for the key to victory, is alleged to have replied "Get thar fustest with the mostest."
NoPersonalChicks 10 days ago
Happy golden anniversary to "Sanford and Son" that premiered 50 years ago today. I know MeTV had it, which they would again. Great supporting cast: LaWanda Page, Whitman Mayo, Don Bexley, Gregory Sierra, Nathaniel Taylor, Donna Harris, Pat Morita and the cops Hal Williams and Howard Platt. You can hear the theme song in your head, can't you?
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*wish - not which in original comment - stupid phone!
Aceman2 Klaatu 10 days ago
No way they would make that show today. Today they make a whole bunch of crap they would not make back in the day when Sanford and Son was made. Go figure.
Can’t stop laughing! Not Lena, hyena!
NoPersonalChicks Klaatu 10 days ago
Fred and Lamont would have to take down the junkyard sign and install "Hazardous material-free, OSHA-approved, energy efficient, low carbon footprint recycling station".
Jack 10 days ago
On this day in 2006, Pat Sheehan died at age 74. Why do I mention this? Sheehan shared the title of October 1958 _Playboy_ Playmate with _Tarantula_ star Mara Corday. The pictorial was titled “Le rouge et le blanc,” which grammatically must’ve referred to wine, but Sheehan was blonde and Corday was—at the time—a redhead. The gatefold pictured Sheehan on one side and Corday on the other. I think they were the only dual Playmates with the exception of periodic twins to appear in _Playboy_. (The first twin Playmates were the Collinson twins, Madeleine and Mary, in October 1970. The following year, they had the title role in the Hammer horror _Twins of Evil_.)

Pat Sheehan had a much more limited film and TV career than Corday, mostly uncredited, altho’ she was a Goldwyn Girl. She has one horror adjacent appearance as an uncredited harem girl in _Son of Sinbad_ (1955) with Vincent Price.
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TheKodakKid Jack 10 days ago
There was actually a Braille edition of Playboy. The folks that subscribed to that are about the only ones I truly believe actually got it “just for the articles and interviews.”
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 10 days ago
This reminds me of cool hand Luke scene with the girl washing her car and George Kennedy character says. “ Hey, Lord... whatever I done, don't strike me blind for another couple of minutes.”
daDoctah Mikeyyy 10 days ago
Also the scene in THE LAST REMAKE OF BEAU GESTE, where Ted Cassidy as a blind soldier settles into his bunk with the other new French Foreign Legion recruits and runs his fingers over a pinup that someone has traced the model's outline and punched little holes in the paper.
KeithJ daDoctah 10 days ago
I remember that!
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