Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird- It’s a Plane- It’s – “RODAN”! Tonight!

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Get set for some high-flying fright from the Far East tonight on MeTV- as a prehistoric winged creature rises to attack mankind- in the 1956 kaiju classic- "Rodan"!

Things are not going well in a small mining community- there are problems in a water-logged mine tunnel, and two of the workers , who coincidentally had a fight before starting the work day,have disappeared. Further investigation reveals the body of one of the men, with horrible lacerations-  and no one is sure what the cause might be. Was the other missing miner responsible for the man's death? His sister is beset by some who feel he might have been responsible, but her boyfriend, Shigeru, a fellow miner, won't believe it.

Meanwhile,  more deaths occur in the mine- with their bodies showing the same odd injuries- and it soon appears that the mine actually is the home of some bizarre insect-like creatures! When Shigeru joins a party (including miners and the military) headed into the mine to battle the monsters, they get more than they have bargained for- including a cave- in that appears to have buried Shigeru!

Facing earthquake activity and the possible eruption of a nearby volcano- authorities travel to the area near the  volcano- where they spot a man wandering in a sinkhole caused by the earthquake- who turns out to be -Shigeru! How did he get there? They have no idea- he has lost his memory!

At the same time,  reports of a gigantic unidentified flying object traveling at amazing speeds send aircraft in hot pursuit- only to meet a tragic end. Further reports of  people disappearing  provide hints of what the world is dealing with- and then, something sparks Shigeru's memory- and he reveals exactly what  this fearsome menace is- it's no UFO- it's Rodan! Can this creature from prehistoric times be stopped before it destroys the modern world?

This Toho Studios film was actually inspired by both a real-life situation - and an American movie! We'll tell you about it, the movie's cast, voice-over actors, an effects mishap and more. You'll notice that, in this movie, the monster's name is pronounced "Ro-DAHN"- as opposed to the familiar (and used in every other movie)- "Ro-DAN"! We'll explain why- plus provide plenty of Sven shtick, including a song- and a salute to  modern-day effects master Rick Baker- with a special surprise!

"Rodan" takes flight tonight on MeTV at  10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings or at for time and channel in your area. For those of you  we've heard from whose local MeTV stations appear to have gone away- let me provide you with a couple messages from our network regarding that- here you go:

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We're sorry that some of you cannot currently see our show- and hope we'll be available  to you again soon! Meanwhile, in Chicago, our local viewers get a second look (if that's possible) at "Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man" at 11 am on WCIU!

You can hear  my appearance with Bill and Wendy on WGN talking about Don Rickles here:

Please check the previous blog posted here regarding some upcoming appearances and more! And-  be with us tonight for ( for once)  non-Godzilla city destruction, courtesy of "Rodan"!