No “Cruise”ing- Just Doom and Gloom in “The Mummy’s Tomb”- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- no, there's no Tom Cruise, and the embalmed is definitely not female- but it's a continuation of the series from Universal's original Universe- as the thought-to-be dead Egyptian menace is exported to the U.S. to get revenge on those who  defiled his beloved's burial crypt- it's a horrid housewarming at some new digs in "The Mummy's Tomb"!

This follow-up to the 1940 "Mummy's Hand", released two years  later in 1942- but supposedly taking place 30 years after the events of the last film- opens in Mapleton, Massachusetts, at the home of the Banning family- where the father, Steve, regales his relatives with tales of the battle he and his group had with the living Mummy Kharis- ably supported by a heaping helping of stock footage form the previous film. He feels secure in the fact that Kharis is no more- but- we learn differently as, back in Egypt, the barely surviving high priest  who protected Kharis reveals to his protege,  Mehemet Bey,  that Kharis has also survived- and decrees that his young follower must take the Mummy to America on a mission to kill the Banning family and their associates!  He teaches him the formula for use of tana leaves to keep the Mummy alive and mobile- and then, after an ocean voyage- the new protector of Kharis takes  up residence in a cemetery- as a caretaker-  and revives the Mummy to begin his revenge tour!

Soon, Kharis  is eliminating anyone connected to the Banning expedition- but, even with telltale signs of who (or what) is committing the murders, the local police are baffled-even though original expedition member Babe tries to give them the answer. Meanwhile, as often happens in  the Mummy series,  the priest/protector has fallen for a woman- the fiancee of  Banning's son- and plans to use Kharis to make her his own high priestess!

"The Mummy's Tomb" is a fitting sequel to  "The Mummy's Hand" (and, to some extent, Karloff's original "Mummy")- and we get  members of the "Hand" cast, along with Turhan Bey as the new priest- and Lon Chaney Jr. as Kharis - a role he wasn't too keen on, due to the make-up! We'll talk about the cast, and,have some tidbits about the production- along with a new Sven song- AND- since the movie is short- and you viewers always enjoy it- we've got our compilation of ALL the Svensurrounded  "Flash Gordon" segments we've done! BUT WAIT- there's more! DO NOT MISS the hand at the door at the end of the show- I'm just sayin'...

"The Mummy's Tomb" gets unsealed tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central,  or check for time and channel where you are in local listings or at . Our Chicago area viewers can enjoy what was MeTV's highest rated offering last Saturday- the original "Bride of Frankenstein"-  at 11 am on WCIU.

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Join us tonight for old school Mummy action without Cruise control- and- did I mention to watch for the hand at the door?