One Final Journey for 2018- to the "Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, we take you on one final trip for 2018- to an uncharted island populated by a bevy of young women –who prove to be delectably dangerous to a group of men who are forced to land on the “Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women”!

This film – also known under the alternate title of  “Island of Sister Theresa”-begins in the past, with these beauties, as children, forced to flee a war-torn area- in a plane that eventually ended up on the aforementioned island. Our tale makes a time jump to 25 years later-when Duvall, a wealthy conglomerate owner, finds his plane lost on its way to return to the mainland. Aboard the plane we have five other men-  the boss’ bodyguard, a couple of his workers (including one blinded by an industrial accident and in need of medical help),one complaining ex-employee, and- to top things off perfectly-an alcoholic pilot.

Unable to contact anyone due to a malfunctioning radio, and totally lost as to where they are, they realize they are almost out of fuel. Luckily – or so it seems- they spot an unknown island, and decide to set the plane down rather than risk continuing on their quest and possibly running out of gas over the ocean and earning a watery grave.  Watching their plane land are members of the group of fetching females who have grown up on the island, protected and advised by the mysterious unseen “Sister”, who sends her commands to the women through their leader, Lizabeth. The women, armed with spears, have been taught that men are bad, a theory supported by horrible visits from a neighboring island’s male headhunters- so the girls observe them, keeping themselves hidden from these latest masculine intruders to their world.

Meanwhile, Duvall and his group begin to explore the island-and stumble upon some confusing things- like a skull on a pole, and an old Air Force jacket. That jacket gives them hope that there could be a plane crashed in the jungle, which might have some fuel still in its tanks- allowing them to refuel and continue their search for the mainland. They also find footprints in the sand that seem to indicate that a small boat may have left two men there. They are contemplating the idea that whoever they are may be unfriendly-when they are shocked to see a pretty young woman running up the beach, being pursued by- headhunters! They use their weapons to take one down, and try to get hold of the girl, who manages to escape.

Two of the group head into the jungle to track her, and arrive at a waterfall where they find the beautiful tribe of women at play. This idyllic scene is quick to end when they end up captured by the females. Luckily, the girl they saved from the headhunters takes it upon herself to free them. Returning to the area near their plane, the men are preparing to bury the headhunter they shot, when the women arrive, spears poised for action! They demand to take away the body of what they call a “head-chopper”.

The men have differing opinions on what to do- but realize that they must try to make peace with the women warriors, who may know where there is the wreckage of a plane that could hold the fuel they need. They attempt to negotiate with the women, and offer protection against the headhunters- but , unlike her comely cohorts, Lizabeth wants to follow Sister’s orders- and stick with the belief that men are evil and should be eliminated. The other women begin to question that hypothesis ,  causing unrest, and new alliances – while those nasty headhunters make a return appearance! Will Duvall and his crew survive to get off the island alive- or will they meet their end facing off against either the headhunters- or the obedient followers of the mysterious Sister?

This 1979 epic is the final entry from our selection of made-for-TV movies- including a cast of eye-catching actresses like Jayne Kennedy, Jamie Lyn Bauer, and Rosalind Chao ( someone our friend Jamie Farr has worked with). Our male airplane crew includes Peter Lawford, Clint Walker, and Steven Keats, and the location shooting on Hawaii adds one more layer of beauty. To help end 2018 on a high note, we’ll again showcase a few of our most-requested commercial parodies- some making a final farewell appearance.

We’ll head to the “Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women” tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings, or at , to find the channel and time. PLEASE NOTE: again, some providers are not listing the show as “Svengoolie” and are using the movie name. If you’re setting a DVR, make sure you check ahead of time how they are listing us.  MeTV ,as always, invites you to “live –Tweet” during the show on Twitter, using the hashtag #svengoolie  - again last week, we were trending in the top 20 nationally! If Chicago area viewers want one last go-round with the 3 Stooges in “Have Rocket Will Travel” – we’ll be doing an encore at 11 am on WCIU, the U. We also are hearing that MeTV will be returning to the San Francisco area soon!

The new Sven action figure has been a huge hit- and, thankfully, our store tripling the inventory for this version has meant we still have some available- BUT- they are going fast! Please head to our store to order yours- the supply is on its way to getting limited!

Finally- thank you so much for your support during 2018- it has been our biggest year yet! We wish you all happiness, good healthy, and success in the New Year- and invite you to join us throughout 2019 for some new shows, some old favorites- and some real surprises!

But first- join us on a fantasy island with wondrous women warriors- tonight on MeTV!

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DrClayton 5 months ago
Did you hear that, Dr. Ed? No more sniping!!
DrEd DrClayton 5 months ago
Got it, DrClayton. However, I may suggest to the Sven Admin person that any offending party should consider joining the French Foreign Legion (sign-ups are taken in person in Marseilles, France). This may be a better alternative than the dreaded cornfield!! Plus, after five years, said person can change their name and Sven Admin would never know this "new person!"
DrClayton 5 months ago
"The Revenge of the Ghosts of Beautiful Women" coming up!
MADave 5 months ago
I will bid adieu for tonight good luck to 1st blogger
Matt 5 months ago
Happy Sci-fi Friday everyone !!!

Man this week has sucked !
Catbat Matt 5 months ago
I'm sorry. Mine has been Egg 🥚cellent!
Jay 5 months ago
On my Facebook feed today:

A friend of mine has two tickets for the 2019 Super Bowl, both box seats. He paid $2,500 each but he didn't realize last year when he bought them, it was going to be on the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place... It's at St. Michaels Church, at 3pm. The bride's name is Nicole, she's 5'4", about 115 lbs, good cook too. She'll be the one in the white dress.
Catbat Jay 5 months ago
Sorry she's too short for me
daleuhlmann Jay 5 months ago
Do you mean she's too vertically challenged?
JournalJeff2 Jay 5 months ago
Best laugh that I have had for awhile!
MADave Jay 5 months ago
How can he forget his own wedding day?
Jay MADave 5 months ago
Just lucky I guess.
Catbat 5 months ago
A bit of observation. I've noticed that in Ghost of Frankenstein William Henry Pratt does NOT play the monster.
daleuhlmann Catbat 5 months ago
Yes, Mr. Pratt is nowhere to be found in this movie.
Catbat 5 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Afternoon All!
Hope everyone is having a good day. All set for Svengoolie tomorrow. Blue Moon and snacks ✔️
Weather here is lovely. Sun is even shining!
Hey Butler I'm making tacos 🌮 for dinner if you are interested. 😂
Ok as promised here's my new ink!
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MADave Catbat 5 months ago
The late adam west would love it!
DrClayton Catbat 5 months ago
DrClayton Catbat 5 months ago
And a cat on the other paw?
DrEd Catbat 5 months ago
Thanks, Catbat. Any taco you specialize in making?
DrEd 5 months ago
Hi, Daleuhlmann! I am expecting more facts from you about The Ghost of Frankenstein. So much is said about the original Frankenstein and Bride, but this film does not seem to get "the same press coverage" the others do. Let's get busy!!
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He also continued on in the subsequent scenes of the Monster's chasing Chick and Wilbur around the lab and the castle. Strange was able to return for the scene in which the Monster tosses barrows at their boat and then walks into the fire planted by Dr. Stevens (Charles Bradstreet).
daleuhlmann daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Also on that live TALES OF TOMORROW telecast, Chaney could be heard audibly cursing under his breath when struggling with the props--again, most embarrassing.
DrEd LarryTheTrainGuy 5 months ago
Thank you, Larry!
DrEd daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Interesting, Dale, thanks again. Will read your other comments above!!
SvenAdministrator 5 months ago
Please drop the political comments and back-and-forth sniping at others.I don't want to ban anyone, but I will if necessary.
MADave SvenAdministrator 5 months ago
This comment has been removed.
yes here we go again "Play Nice" no politics no religion just movies and horror shows we want to enjoy ourselves not turn this into an AM Radio Talk Show!
MADave SvenAdministrator 5 months ago
I apologize for that last comment please do not put me in the cornfield
CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
Good morning 🌞
The sun's out and will be 60* today!

"Happy Friday" go out and smile at someone might make there day better and yours too

Going out for a while
a hospital visit my Uncle is having surgery today.
Then to the store for Tiny 🐩 needs some things.

Coming soon to see you Sven 👻 looks like a good movie 🍿📺🍿

Have good day
everyone 🐝
Take care👫👬👭👬👭
aren't we cute!

WILLOUGHBY 5 months ago
Since today is “Trivia Day,” allow me to give a shout-out to our own Professor Dale, for making this blog basically what it is: a Trivia Bazaar for miscellaneous tidbits related to Hollywood and horror movie backstory. Whereas Svengoolie gives us a weekly trivia moment when he reviews his movies, Dale usually weaves something interesting into the conversation, sometimes on a daily basis. So here’s to you Dale! Got any trivia really ‘bizarre’ to share with us?
daleuhlmann WILLOUGHBY 5 months ago
Thanks, Willoughby! Yes, I do indeed have a little trivia to share today. Among the children in THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN you will see in the scene where the Monster helps a little girl retrieve her ball is future action-adventure star William Smith. He was in a lot of martial arts films and Westerns (including the TV series LAREDO). and fought Clint Eastwood in a bare knuckles contest in ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN. He said that Chaney, Jr. had a soft spot in his heart for kids, and bought them all ice cream cones on the day that scene was filmed.
WILLOUGHBY daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Keika says your trivia about Bill Smith blows him away as he tells me that he ran into Bill a few times on the Fox lot. He never knew that about his connection to Frankenstein. Awesome!
daleuhlmann WILLOUGHBY 5 months ago
Wow, so Keika actually met William Smith? Cool!
WILLOUGHBY daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Fuji mentions below that it's Dyan Cannon's BD. Keika tells me that he bumped into Dyan often, mostly at book stores when he lived in Las Vegas. Photo is from 2007.
TheKodakKid 5 months ago
A couple of celebrity birthdays of note.

Actress Barbara Rush is 92. She starred in the movie “It Came from Outer Space”, which Sven has shown before. She received the 1954 Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Female Newcomer for her role in it. Among her many appearances on other programs that have aired on MeTV, she was Nora Clavicle on “Batman”. Oh, she also starred on a little show called “Peyton Place”. Her first husband was actor Jeffrey Hunter.

Multi-talented Dyan Cannon is 80. She acts, she sings, she writes, she directs, she produces. She does it all. Her first husband was legendary actor Cary Grant.
daleuhlmann TheKodakKid 5 months ago
With no "rush" to judgment (see what I did there?), happy birthday to Barbara Rush.

Happy birthday to Dyan Cannon, too. She, like Jack Nicholson, has long been an avid L. A. Lakers fan and season tickets holder.
MADave 5 months ago
Good morning to my dearest Sven bloggers we had to leave work today at 9:30am today due to our shortage of work and the shutdown mom picked up and we went to visit my sister at work for awhile and then came home, now I’m keeping myself busy listening to you Elvis Presley cds from time life music from I beleive (1993?) have a great day friends!
PatS 5 months ago
Mr. Gotham -- thanks for the info on Three Kings Day. I bet it's a LOT cheaper to go to Europe on Jan. 6 than Dec. 25, and equally festive in some regions. Something to consider.

I understand that you are gleeful about your reduced taxes on real estate. But I find it a little hurtful, since few of us middle class types got any breaks. You may be doing well, but who else is getting hurt? A little consideration, please.

Rick Grymes -- safe travels and may your work burdens be light 'til your sentence, um I mean, assignment is complete.
MrGotham PatS 5 months ago
everyone had and has the same exact opportunities as I did & do
Not my fault I worked Extremely Hard and made the correct decisions and choices,
I will not apologize for what I have accomplished, in fact I’m very proud of it and won’t be bullied by you
BTW the wall nonsense is not appreciated
MrGotham PatS 5 months ago
one other thing I noticed, its seems to be a one way street here, The Wall stuff is fine and dandy and calling TV people “Jackasses” but equal time on the other side ruffles feathers ?
Where is your “Tolerance” ?
If partisan comments on one side are permitted then My thoughts should also be permitted, its only fair.

daleuhlmann MrGotham 5 months ago
Correction, Mr. Gotham. Nobody was either endorsing or speaking out gainst the wall as a political initiative. Nor did anyone speak out for or against the tax breaks you mentioned. Also, nobody said you weren't to be commended for working hard (the rest of us work hard, too, I might add). The point is that political and/or class-related comments are not to be aired on this blog.
MrGotham daleuhlmann 5 months ago
i agree but the wall stuff still should not be mentioned, it does not belong as it also may offend some
All political comments should be left out
MrGotham daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Also calling someone a “Jackass” should be refrained from and does not belong on this blog
daleuhlmann MrGotham 5 months ago
Just let me say that this was a sound byte that Sven uses on his show often. Any humor that Sven uses, we have been told, we may use. Also, it was in response to a statement that I felt trivialized the plight of one one of our fellow bloggers, MADave. Thus, I was expressing empathy for him, not taking any side, one way or the other, on the issue responsible for his situation. You misunderstood my meaning.
MADave daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Thanks for sticking up to me dale
Carl_N_Brown 5 months ago
As we say a fond adieu to the Beautiful Island of Mysterious Women (the price we paid to get Alan Landsburg's bees. ants, tarantulas movies), we move on to more a universal horror this Saturday.

(I hate to admit it, MIoBW was more entertaining the second time.)
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Another interesting fact about Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne) and his brother, Albert Brooks, is that their father was Harry Einstein, the radio and movie comedian known as "Parkurkarkas." I'm sure Kodak Kid can tell us more about him.

BTW, Catbat asked me tell you that we're all watching GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY right now.
Catbat 5 months ago
Howdy Gang! Still enjoying some much needed time with my precious Beau.
Right now watching Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD. I am Groot. Haha
Weather here has been Fabulous !
Tomorrow I'm getting some new ink! Pic tomorrow afternoon. 😄
PatS Catbat 5 months ago
Yay! Looking forward to photos.
The1Butler Catbat 5 months ago
Yes pics , maybe someday I'll get brave and get one
The1Butler Catbat 5 months ago
What town are you and dale in
. I'm still in Detroit .
The1Butler Catbat 5 months ago
We've been bingeing on Lucifer
daleuhlmann The1Butler 5 months ago
We are in Massillon, OH, Butler.
Catbat The1Butler 5 months ago
We are in Massillon. I'm making french toast for breakfast
The1Butler Catbat 5 months ago
You guys are 200 miles away , just about the same Miles I am away from my house , I like French toast but now I'm into a painting job .
CarrieLynnCastro 5 months ago
🌒 I had a nice busy day
getting ready to put all
decorations away 😊
But first I had too straighten out the
mess in the garage 😨 yikes!

Okay when will I start
taking things down 🤶
in house maybe this weekend we are getting rain ☔ so a perfect time to pack it up 🤗

I got a very nice call
this afternoon from a dear friend🍃💟🍃
Sure did make my

"Wow" Friday already
I think it's going by fast
Zipdadoda😉 Ha not a real word!

Not sure about the movie for Saturday night but think I have seen it 🤖 Sounds good to me just around the corner
🍿📺🍿Looking forward to it done with 🎄

See you in the morning for coffee☕🍩

Good night 🌒🌠

MrGotham 5 months ago
figured my ‘18 taxes today with my tax accountant and with the new tax laws
I can’t believe the breaks i’m getting
Never saw these types of refunds on real estate properties.
parents always told me real estate -real estate- real estate
Thank you much Fed G’vment
You’re the best !!!!!
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MrGotham MADave 5 months ago
Dave I believe calling someone a “Jackass” is vulgar and should be addressed, so address it, and thats all I have to say !
MrGotham MADave 5 months ago
Yes dave
Address this Vulgarity;
MADave MrGotham 5 months ago
I’ve known dale and the rest of these bloggers a lot longer than you have so I respect everything they post and if you think dale is saying that he is not it’s a sound byte which Sven uses on the show sometimes and as for your tax information it’s not only hurting us it’s hurting the blog so NO MORE tax info please
daleuhlmann MADave 5 months ago
Thank you, MADave!
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