Presenting Tobe Hooper's Remake of "Invaders from Mars"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- get set for a remake of one of the most eerie science fiction films of the ‘50s- that certainly stands on its own as far as the creep factor goes! A young boy realizes that we have been infiltrated by beings from another world- out to control the minds of Earth people to help them conquer our planet-but the youngster has great difficulty in getting anyone to believe that humankind is in danger from –“Invaders from Mars”!

After a beautiful evening of star-gazing, young David is tucked into bed by his loving parents- only to be awakened when a massive spaceship lands in the sand pit located over the hill behind his home! Though he runs to alert his parents to tell them what he saw, the sleepy couple wonder if David was just dreaming- and will check the sand pit in the morning.

The next morning, David is confused by his father- who says he checked the sand pit, and found nothing there. David notices an odd injury on the back of Dad’s neck- topped off by some very odd behavior! Dad suddenly seems more than happy to show David something that lies over the hill- but David is spared that trip by the arrival of his school bus.

That evening, after a day that included David having a run in with nasty teacher Mrs.McKeltch, David’s mom is worried since Dad has not showed up at home. She summons the police, who go to take a look over the hill at David’s insistence. While they are gone, David’s dad returns- still acting strangely- and then, the police come back- joining him in assuring David and his mom that “everything’s fine”. As the cops depart- David notices one of them has something bothering him on the back of his neck! Later that evening, Dad takes Mom for a pleasant little walk over the hill- and you can probably guess what the results are!

The next day, after witnessing more odd behavior from the folks at home and people at school, David confides in the one person who seems to be willing to listen to him- the friendly school nurse, Linda Magnusson. She wants to help David, and covers for him when the nasty McKeltch and his parents come looking for him. In trying to get away from everyone pursuing him, the boy accidentally ends up finding a cavern that appears to be the alien headquarters- and soon, he and Linda are fugitives from the invaders and the human pawns they have enlisted- and must convince the military that Martians have arrived- and the earth is in danger!

We have been hoping to get the original 1953 “Invaders from Mars” movie- and still are trying to do so, by the way- but this 1986 version, directed by Tobe Hooper, is actually very effective! Some of the visuals provided by Stan Winston and John Dykstra are almost perfect recreations of shots in the original- and the reimagining of the aliens is pretty amazing. We’ll go over the cast list- including one actor with a distinct connection to the original film (and we’ll point out an important prop from the original that shows up as well)- and we’ll talk about Laraine Newman and Timothy Bottoms as David’s parents, Louise Fletcher as nasty Mrs. McKeltch, James Karen as the general in charge, and Karen Black as nurse Linda- interesting casting since the part of young David is played by Hunter Carson- Karen’s real-life son! In addition, we have a new song for you, and a visit with an actor who has played a certain hockey-masked monster more than anyone else has!

“Invaders from Mars” invades the airwaves on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. If you are unsure of what the Earth time and channel is in your area, please check local listings or at . Viewers will again be invading Twitter to live-Tweet during the show-you can join in, and make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie. In the Chicago viewing area, you can tune in to sing along with the Song of the New Wine Festival at 11 am, when “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man” encores on CW26.

More Svengoolie merchandise is being created- be watching for some great new items down the line!

And- be watching tonight for a hostile take-over that could put mankind out of business, and- hey…what is that on the back of your neck…?

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Jhh 12 days ago
a bunch or popcorn w/extra butter tonight:)

maybe a tube steak or two or some cheap frozen pizza
Drjim 19 days ago
Happy SvenSaturday everyone and an early shout out to all the moms out there.....Happy Mother's Day to you.....lord knows us men would melt under the pain of child birth !
1MikeM 19 days ago
and dat was Invadahs from Maz...and dat's da name a dat tune!
The1Butler 20 days ago
You guys have been postings lots o good stuff on are VP ! Ill will have to backtrack after i get first .🤞🏻🤞🏻🤘🏻👍🏻
MrsG 20 days ago
Well my good SvenFriends , I had best get out of the road before the stampede ensues !
Now ring in Vincent Price month in style , like only SvenBloggers know how !
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MrsG CrazyK 20 days ago
Nah pahtay on , klinks are on me !
Aceman2 MrsG 20 days ago
I wasn’t watching. That was a stock photo I found
MrsG Aceman2 20 days ago
Oh You stinker You !
Gotta hand it to You though Aceman , Your timing was impeccable !
And You know that I am rooting for You every STEP of the way !
Katink Aceman2 20 days ago
Rats, Aceman! I thought maybe you got voted onto the resident council and enacted a policy of MeTv for everyone!
MADave 20 days ago
Vincent Price was really funny on THE MUPPET SHOW with Uncle Deadly which is one of my favorite Muppets
Jhh MADave 12 days ago
for me it was

the Swedish chef (bork bork bork)
Aceman2 20 days ago
It’s 45 minutes to “The bad joke of the day”. I assume that’s what you’re waiting for. Anything else happening at midnight?
MADave Aceman2 20 days ago
Umm I believe there's a race going on here?
The1Butler MADave 20 days ago
I cleaned my screen and buffed it with WD40 !
CrazyK 20 days ago
MrsG CrazyK 20 days ago
Long as they are not terrorizing Yinzers’ hoods !
FKrueger CrazyK 20 days ago
Very thrilling
CrazyK FKrueger 20 days ago
MrsG 20 days ago
Vincent Price !
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MrsG Aceman2 20 days ago
Hey YOU ! You are getting MeTV ! ! !
That is good news Aceman !
CarrieCastro MrsG 20 days ago
Thank you MrsG I will stay up and watch 🌒
Good night ☄
abc123 20 days ago

Verse is down
It makes me grin
Photos and video are up
Let the race begin
MADave 20 days ago
Hey wait a second.... Wasn't Vito Scotti on THE ADDAMS FAMILY earlier today? he's on Hogan's Heroes now
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Katink Aceman2 20 days ago
I remember him being on Flying Nun quite a few times, Aceman!
MADave Aceman2 20 days ago
Wow he had quite a career
MrsG Aceman2 20 days ago
WOW You are going to be too pooped to run for the mad dash at midnight !
Jhh MADave 12 days ago
vito scotti was a treasure - one of my top 5 side actors:)
CrazyK 20 days ago
Just flew over my house, super cool 😎
Saucer patrol? 🛸 😂 🇺🇸
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Katink CrazyK 20 days ago
Thanks, CrazyK! I had to reach for that one!
Katink Aceman2 20 days ago
Thanks, Aceman! (I guess I'm fired up for this week's Sven movie!)
CrazyK The1Butler 20 days ago
Thanks Butler!!!
Bald Eagles are cool, until you actually see one you don’t really realize just how big they are 👍
CrazyK Mikeyyy 20 days ago
HAHAHA probably Mikeyyy 😂
MrsG 20 days ago
I hear that there is a big race coming up ~ hmmmm ? ! ? !
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MrsG Katink 20 days ago
Don’t let gabste hear You ~ she’ll put Yinz ALL to work !
🛠 *_* ⚒️
Katink MrsG 20 days ago
Full disclosure, MrsG, I personally did NOT use the power tools. But I did use the mallet!
MrsG Katink 20 days ago
Unloaded some STUFF there , huh Girl ? ! ? !
Katink MrsG 20 days ago
Yup! And I was allowed to use the box cutter, too! (The fence came in about a gazillion boxes. . . .)
Drang 20 days ago
Well, the outdoor antenna arrived yesterday, and I went out in the rain to put it up today. I used the cable from the satellite dish, so now there's a separate signal to the TVs in both rooms, which means I can Toon in while Mrs. Drang watched weather and traffic (and the nattering that passes for new these days) while getting ready for work.
Or I can watch Sventoonie nd not interfere with her watching Doctor Whatsis.
For anyone interested in switching back to over the air, Channel Mater has several options. I went with their omnidirectional unit, since we have towers north, south and west of us. They also have links on their website to other sites that will give you an idea of how many towers are your area, their location in relation to you, and a rough estimate of the signal strength you can expect.
Take range ratings of a receiving antenna with several grains of salt, or your preferred salt substitute. Range is determined by output of the transmitter, and by the terrain between the transmitter and receiver, as much as or more than how the receiving antenna is made.
Drang Drang 20 days ago
"Channel MaSter".
Aceman2 Drang 20 days ago
Outdoor antenna? On the roof? In the rain? I can’t wait to try that project !
The1Butler Aceman2 20 days ago
Lucy and her friend Viv could help on the roof .
The1Butler Drang 20 days ago
Good info on the rabbit ears 👍🏻i will look at the websites to see if I can find more around me .
NoPersonalChicks 20 days ago
Just got a news feed from the Google machine - actor, sculptor, director Tony Dow has been diagnosed with cancer. Prayers that Wally can clobber it!
I’ve lost a few in my family to the big C…. Hoping he can beat it!
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 20 days ago
Oh yes survivor squad offering SvenSupport ~ still such a cutie and looking strong at 77 ~
MrsG Mikeyyy 20 days ago
Many of us do survive ~ tx ( and prayer ) is amazing !
CrazyK NoPersonalChicks 20 days ago
Aw man, best wishes to Tony!
daleuhlmann MrsG 20 days ago
Good vibes to Tony Dow.
CrazyK 20 days ago
Drang, a hazy w/4g carb, that’s amazing! I’m guessing 12oz, I know I’d be pushing my luck for 16oz.
Drang CrazyK 20 days ago
I actually prefer the Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty, 3 grams of carbs, and (to me) tastes better, like a good IPA.
CrazyK Drang 20 days ago
Thanks! I’m gonna check if I can get either or both around here!
CrazyK 20 days ago
Klaatu, thanks for the heads-up on the original “Invaders From Mars” I see that it’s pretty readily available online which is good to know but I’m going to wait awhile to see if Sven gets it sometime soon, it would be cool to watch for my first time on Svengoolie and if it’s as good as everyone says, I’m sure I’ll watch it again a few more times 👍
CrazyK 20 days ago
MrsG, I’ll post up here, that other thread’s getting long, that’s when comments start disappearing and then sometimes the thread doesn’t make sense (not like they ever do 😂)
Anyway, yeah it’s definitely a gloomy week (and not the good kind of gloomy)
with the holiday coming up.
But Chip is doing a little better each day, thanks for asking 👍
MrsG CrazyK 20 days ago
Yes sometimes commiseration and SvenTherapy help , and a good IPA can’t hurt !
🍻 *_* 🍻
CrazyK MrsG 20 days ago
KLINK!!! 🍻
1MikeM 20 days ago
I gotta get that VHS tape of INVADERS FROM MARS back to Blockbuster Video tonight. I'll drop it in the overnight drop box. (kidding!)
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Drang Drang 20 days ago
Hey, was that #4000?
Shayla Drang 20 days ago
Yes that was!!😎
MrsG Drang 20 days ago
Yay Drang ! You are the 4K Man !
🏆 🏆 *_* 🏆 🏆
abc123 Drang 20 days ago
So you know, while I was there, I did partake in a Deschutes beverage or three, but did not get to visit the brewery...
Shayla 20 days ago
I’ll have to go y’all!! Congrats on who claims the crown. I officially retire for a while!! Butler, I’m counting on you man!! Please don’t let me down!! Have an awesome night!! I’ll pop back in just before I go to work!😎👍
1MikeM Shayla 20 days ago
Have a great night Shayla!
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