Slither Into Summer with "Cult of the Cobra"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- as sultry weather moves into many of our viewing areas, a sultry young woman moves into the neighborhood of a group of buddies - veterans who have returned home after witnessing the secret reptilian ritual of a mysterious cult-  which has sent a slinky she-serpent to get revenge for the "Cult of the Cobra"!

In this 1955 chiller, the servicemen mentioned above are about to be shipped home, and decide to do the tourist thing before leaving the mysterious East. Hoping for something special, off the beaten path that most visitors never experience for their final outing, they get some info from a contact at the local bazaar- and soon arrive, in disguise, at a secret location to witness a cult of snake worshipers conducting a ritualistic ceremony. Unfortunately, not having the sense to remember flash photography is forbidden, one of the servicemen ignorantly snaps a photo, revealing the presence of the strangers to the cult members! A reptilian riot  breaks out, as the boys try to make their escape- but, in the process, one of the high priests places a curse on them! Just as they seem to have escaped, a member of the fleeing G.I. group is somehow injured, while a mystery woman is briefly seen in the shadows. Later, at the hospital, our soon-to-be recipient of a purple heart seems well on the road to recovery- and ready for the trip home- BUT-a bizarre occurrence ends up reversing his condition-permanently!

Heartbroken, his comrades return to the states and their civilian lives. Tom and Paul, two of the boys, resume their previous competition for the heart of the lovely Julia. She makes her choice between the men- accepting the proposal of Paul, and "Dear Johnn-ing" Tom. As he sulks later, he hears a nerve-chilling scream! Investigating, he discovers it's a beautiful new neighbor, who claims she has encountered an intruder in her apartment- who is now gone without a trace.   Tom, primed for a rebound from his loss of Julia, is immediately attracted to the mysterious Lisa- who runs hot and cold(blooded), confusing him as things progress, as to how she feels about him. The following days bring more sadness, as more GI buddies seem to be getting picked off, one by one. The remaining returnees recall that curse placed upon them at the hidden temple- never realizing that there is someone in their midst with the power to become a deadly serpent- whose mission is not only to destroy them- but also someone they love!

We have dug up this vintage Sven show, since it's a big favorite of some viewers- and one that newer viewers haven’t seen. It’s got a roster of many familiar stars from classic shows seen on MeTV,and also includes femme fatale Faith Domergue, an actress who's shown up in several of our horror flicks, and  is often cited for her history with billionaire Howard Hughes. Most people, even from our promo, realize that the high priest who curses the unwanted visitors to the temple is another MeTV show’s supporting character- really! I'm not just talking through my shoe! (Ahem...) You will see our old coffin and set, which now reside in Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications, and some dated references- along with traditional Sven snake shtick, and some classic Sven bits!

"Cult of the Cobra" slithers onto your screen tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- please check for channel and time in your area - in your local listings or at . Remember that MeTV invites you to live-Tweet during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie- as usual  lately, we've been trending among the most-Tweeted topics every weekend ! In Chicago, our viewers get a special encore of Peter Cushing’s  “Island of Terror" ( due to Universal’s only allowing us to show last week’s MeTV offering, “Frozen Ghost” during the May “window” of availability) on our main local station, CW26, at 11 am.

The inventory of the new Sven mesh baseball cap is shipping out briskly! We’ve heard about sightings of folks wearing them from fans all over the country, asking where they can get one- and, of course, the place is the store here on our site, or at . If you want one as a Father’s Day gift, a word to the wise-  order now to get it in time!

And join us tonight on MeTV for reptilian romance  and vengeance with venom!

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vettenoir 3 months ago
How about a monster (Shelby) Cobra?
CrazyK 3 months ago
Looks like the “COBRA” gang wants to head over and learn
1MikeM CrazyK 3 months ago
"This is where the law stops and I start!"
scottieO CrazyK 3 months ago
You can't outrun the law.
CrazyK 1MikeM 3 months ago
Haha! 👍
“Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges” ⭐️ ⭐️
CrazyK scottieO 3 months ago
Would you believe......
MADave 3 months ago
How to make a monster is the movie we will see, find out who or what it will be?
abc123 3 months ago
A few days ago, I wrote all my poems. I came up with a better rhyme, so updated this weeks, forcing me to change next weeks, because this weeks was going to contain:
Judging a movie by the title
is like talking during a recital.

and next weeks was going to have:
Because I like talking at recitals
I will judge this by the title

but no longer...
MADave 3 months ago
Good Friday before Svengoolie gang or should I say royalties? Well I'm officially on vacation for a week hopefully the weather will be shaping up it's only in the mid 60s and cool and cloudy, looking forward to toons and the man in the hat 🎩 tomorrow. I know I haven't given an update for a few days but my mom is doing fine and in therapy and hopefully will be home soon!
Lucyc MADave 3 months ago
Hey, MADave,
So glad to hear that your mom will be coming home 🏘️ after rehab therapy.
I think that there has been a mix-up in the cosmic weather center where the northeast got our weather, and we got cooler, damp weather. Today was the first day that it has actually felt like summer, with heat indices over a hundred. I'm in East Texas.
MADave Lucyc 3 months ago
Thanks Lucy the sooner she learns to walk again the better she will be home
Lucyc MADave 3 months ago
Good thoughts that she will make great progress and be home soon.
CrazyK MADave 3 months ago
It’s good to hear that MADave! 👍
MADave CrazyK 3 months ago
daleuhlmann MADave 3 months ago
GGood to hear, Dave!
CrazyK 3 months ago
Ok, I know it’s not a cobra or a snake but it is snake-like and a reptile that lives in my yard. It’s about a 15 inch Alligator Lizard. He can get up to about 24 inches long max. About two years ago I found out how they got their name, when I went to pick him up, he reared back, opened his jaw wide and hissed at me just like a snake 🐍 or an alligator!
Did I stop reaching for him..... uh, no, so he clamped down on my index finger and wouldn’t let go, I tried to shake him loose but no way! So I just had to stand still for about 10 minutes then he finally let go. Blood? Yes. So I looked him up on the web and found out they are not poisonous but do have lots of sharp teeth just like a.......real alligator only smaller and they also have a nasty disposition, which I found out! 😂
And this reminds of Bobby Bouché (Adam Sandler) whose mama said, “Bobby, do you know why dem alligators be so ANGRY all da time?” No, why ma?
“cuz dey gots ALL dem teeth but dey ain’t got no toothbrush!” 😂😂😂
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CrazyK Jack 3 months ago
Hilarious! Cool song, 🎶 I just looked up the lyrics, I wonder how the heck they came up w/that one 😂
CrazyK daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Haha! Now I’m wondering if that’s how his tail came off, when I tried to shake him loose! 😂
Landos CrazyK 3 months ago
When I was a kid in California back in the early 1960s we used to have alligator lizards and bluebelly lizards that would climb the outside walls on our house. Their tales would break off if you grabbed them and two tails would usually grow back. That was a LONG time ago!
CrazyK Landos 3 months ago
Oh wow, that’s cool, two tails, I never heard of that. I do have a lot of bluebelly lizards in the yard too but that’s the only AL I’ve seen so far.
Drang 3 months ago
Knowing how many (other) military history/aviation buffs we have on the board, I'm surprised The Cult of the Cobra didn't prompt anyone to mention the
P-39 Airacobra (
P-63 Kingcobra (
AH-1 Cobra (
AH-1 Supercobra (

Interestingly, these were all produced by Bell.
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CrazyK Lucyc 3 months ago
He picked a good fave to have for sure!
I’ve read that the original GI Joe was more popular than the newer one. I’m not sure if the original had a cartoon show or not but it had a bunch of toys.
Lucyc CrazyK 3 months ago
I'm pretty sure it didn't have a "tie-in" cartoon show-at least when I was still young enough that cartoons were "must see tv."
Carl_N_Brown Klaatu 3 months ago
First thing I learned about military aircraft is that sound proofing is an unnecessary luxury. Most of them are unbearably loud.
Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Speaking of loud, we often get Osprey flying overhead and with its dual 38ft diameter rotors, its deafening even on the ground.
Lucyc 3 months ago
As a Hammer fan, I think I'd be remiss if I let any discussion about shape-shifting snake ladies pass without mentioning Hammer's 1966 production of The Reptile. Alas, I have never been able to see the film-at least, so far- but I have read a lot about it. I also haven't seen the movie Dale mentioned in an earlier post this week about the British production of The Snake Woman. From reading about that film, The Reptile borrows ideas from both productions. You have the idea of a snake cult from last week's Sven feature, as well as a curse being placed by the cult as punishment for blatant disrespect for the "sanctity" of the religious ceremony, and the authenticity of the religion itself. From "Snake Woman" you have the setting of the normally "quiet" British rural village being disturbed by secretive activity that cannot be contained, and starts to have an adverse effect on members of the community and, as a result, the community itself. The Reptile also is set in the UK around the turn of 20th century, like Snake Woman, whereas "Cult" is set in the middle of the 20th century. All the movies, in different ways, very much revolve around the conflict between rational, secular/scientific perception as opposed to supernatural/spiritual perception. Perhaps Sven was able to show this Hammer creation in the past, so maybe he can get access to it again in the future.

CrazyK Lucyc 3 months ago
I’ve actually seen some of the more well known Hammer Films and they are great! 👍
Lucyc CrazyK 3 months ago
I recently watched Hammer's last "mummy" movie, Blood From the Mummy's Tomb.
CrazyK Lucyc 3 months ago
I looked it up, looks good 👍
IMDb says it’s from a Bram Stoker novel.
daleuhlmann Lucyc 3 months ago
Lucy: This would be a very good addition to any list of snake shape-shifting films.
JohnBlair 3 months ago
Ok oK I'LL do iT.... FIREDAY!
Islander CrazyK 3 months ago

I can't see his face but I'm told this is CrazyK in this pick.
CrazyK Islander 3 months ago
Oh ya, I ‘member!!! 🤟
Had a Really “HOT” date that night!!! 🥵 😂😂😂
daDoctah Islander 3 months ago
You sure it's not James Arness?
TofuAlien 3 months ago
I'm going to be out of town this weekend so I will miss the live showing of "How to make a Monster" :( I will record it for later viewing, but it just won't be the same. :(
CrazyK TofuAlien 3 months ago
That’s the “bad” news
But I got good news for ya
I saw your Sven gaming pic in the Photo Gallery! 🎩 🎮 👍
JohnBlair TofuAlien 3 months ago
We will take notes on the blog for U 2 use at your convenience... However a lot of it MaY be tongue and cheeky!
Carl_N_Brown TofuAlien 3 months ago
It is a classic movie that gives the inside scoop on studio politics.
MrsG 3 months ago
Mr. Svengoolie ~
Referring back to your June Newsletter I’d like to take this opportunity to wish You a very well-deserved Happy Anniversary as You get to celebrate all month. 42 years is quite a feat to bring the Happy every week through decades of natural , National , and personal trials and tribulations. We are so grateful for your presence in it all , making everything seem brighter , better , funnier.
10-Q , 10-Q , 10-Q , please keep bringing it , , , oh yeah and don’t forget to relax , enjoy , eat healthy and maybe even do the Svengoolie Stomp to celebrate !
CrazyK MrsG 3 months ago
👍 🎩 🎶
CarrieCastro 3 months ago
Good morning 🌞
Missed Toons this morning 😨 darn!

It's Friday yay looking
forward to the movie
have not seen it ...

Have a nice Friday
see you later 👻

Jack 3 months ago
Hey group! Today is the 76th birthday of Ranger Doug’s Ideal, Adrienne Barbeau. She also starred in such perennial classics as _The Fog_ (1980), _Escape from New York_ (1981), _Swamp Thing_ (1982), and _Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death_ (1989).
CrazyK Jack 3 months ago
HB to AB 👍
KeithJ Jack 3 months ago
Happy birthday Maggie!
Drang Jack 3 months ago
Mmmmm, Adrienne Barbeau...
Islander Jack 3 months ago
Oh my, what young lad didn't get lost in thought thinking about her.
JohnBlair Jack 3 months ago
Thar be MONSTERS here....
1MikeM Jack 3 months ago
Yo Adrienne, Happy Birthday!
Jack 3 months ago
Okay, it must be the antihistamines I’ve taken… How ’bout snake-themed Nazi exploitation horror? A high party official uses an ill-fated mission to England as cover to seek a cure for his were-snake curse: _Hssss_. A sadistic prison camp commandant uses snakes to torture her prisoners: _Lamia, She Wolf of the SsssSsss_. A Norwegian horror comedy about zombies produced when Nazi scientists try to create super soldiers with snake venom: _Dead Ssssnow_.
CrazyK Jack 3 months ago
I guess the anti-“hiss”-tamines aren’t working! 😂
KeithJ Jack 3 months ago
Sounds better than half the coke fueled movies from Hollywood!
daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve, group! While we're still on the CULT OF THE COBRA blog, we should add another movie to our list of snake shape-shifting epics. This was another Filipino movie that starred Marlene Clark (who was also in NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMAN and THE BEAST MUST DIE). This dinner-winner was made in 1974 and was called BLACK MAMBA. Clark played a witch who could change into a deadly python. It co-starred John Ashley, who you are going to see tomorrow in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER. Ashley starred in a number of Filipino horror movies and would later produce, for TV, THE A-TEAM. Of course, THE A-TEAM featured Dirk Benedict, whose character had earlier been changed into a cobra in the 1973 shocker Ssss.
Jack daleuhlmann 3 months ago
India and Hong Kong are well-known as centers of movie production, but until the recent mention in this blog of the films of Marlene Clark, I was unaware of the Philippines. From this limited sample, it seems like they had a niche for low-budget horror-exploitation—is this correct or am I totally off base?
daleuhlmann Jack 3 months ago
You are absolutely correct, Jack! The Philippines was a hot bed of low-budget horror and action flicks, many of them directed by a specialist in both genres, Eddie Romero. Here's a trailer for one of his earlier Filipino chillers, TERROR IS A MAN (AKA under one of its several alternate reissue or home video titles, BLOOD CREATURE). It was kind of an uncredited mini-version of H. G. Wells' THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU.
CrazyK daleuhlmann 3 months ago
That’s a real “bell ringer” 😂🤣
Carl_N_Brown Jack 3 months ago
Totally on base. Filipino Horror is a huge under-appreciated film genre. My introduction to Filipino horror was TERROR IS A MAN (1959). It was one of four "Blood Island" movies ("Brides of Blood", "The Mad Doctor of Blood Island","Beast of Blood") by Filipino producers Eddie Romero and Kane W. Lynn . Their filmographies are lengthy and they were not alone in the Philippines cranking out horror, crime and war movies. Leonard Matlin gave TERROR IS A MAN two out of four stars. Filipino Horror is an overlooked treasure trove. TERROR IS A MAN played often on Screaming Yellow Theater with the original Svengoolie, Jerry Bishop, and is ripe for a nostalgic return. Maybe even a month of Filipino Horror Appreciation to enlighten the culturally deprived.
PatS daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Sounds "Terror Bell" -- I mean, fascinating!
Catbat 3 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
Catbat 3 months ago
Well that's all folks. Time for me to get going. Have a Great day!
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