Steve McQueen Has the Job- of Saving People from "The Blob"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, something is spreading among the populace- and, no, wearing a mask and hand sanitizing will NOT help fight it! We’re bringing back the 1958 classic in which a 28 year old Steve McQueen ( cast as a teenager?!) recruits his girlfriend and goofy group of pals to help him convince the locals that a meteor has touched down on earth and released a gelatinous menace that could engulf the entire population if it isn’t stopped! They must persuade authorities and neighbors, disbelievers all, that they are telling the truth- or they will all become victims of- “The Blob”!

Even for “teenagers” played by actors well past their adolescence- typical teenage pastimes rule the evening- as Steve ( McQueen) and Jane ( played by future Mayberry resident Helen Crump- Aneta Corsaut ) flirt with each other down a deserted lane. Suddenly, a meteor streaks across the sky and appears to have actually touched down nearby! The couple sets out to investigate- but, before they arrive, an old man finds the rock from space and  pokes the meteor with a stick- freeing a gelatinous ooze from its interior. The glob moves up the stick and attaches itself to his arm!

By the time Steve and Jane arrive, the old fellow is in great pain, and the kids rush him to the local town doctor’s office. The doctor is astounded- he has never seen anything like whatever it is that has now totally coated the old man’s arm. With no idea what the gooey substance is, he sends the young couple back to where the meteor landed, to see if they can find anything  that might shed light on what exactly the stuff might be. They head off, as the jelly spreads even further over the old man’s body- and beyond it! When the kids eventually return- with no further clues- Steve is  shocked to witness the Blob claiming yet another victim! The only option is to head to the police station- where good cop Dave and bad cop Bert aren’t sure they believe the story. The police go to the doctor’s office to investigate- but find nothing to support the teens’ story- except some damage that the bad cop, Bert, totally blame on the kids!

Nasty Officer Bert thinks this is a typical stupid teenage prank, and ushers the kids back to their parents in hopes of them laying some punishment on their offspring. Steve and Jane, however, know the dangers of the incredible blob monster being on the loose- with an unsuspecting public as sitting ducks for the malevolent ooze-so they sneak out, and try to convince some of their friends that this is no joke. They need their help to make the townspeople believe their story before it’s too late! All the while, the Blob continues to absorb its unwitting prey- growing larger every time it claims a victim- moving slowly through town, attacking places like the grocery store and even the local theatre’s midnight horror show, where the horror suddenly becomes far too real! Those who have witnessed the gelatinous menace are certainly convinced that it is a real danger -but what will it take to actually stop a creature that can flow almost anywhere- and absorb and  kill almost everything!?

This film was produced by the same people who later brought us “Dinosaurus!”, and was shot around Pennsylvania. It falls into the category of 1950s horror/sci fi classics along with “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. It was a leader in the wave of cheaply produced “drive in movies” aimed at teenagers, and definitely a blueprint for a lot of movies that would fall into the same genre. We’ll tell you all about the cast and the production- that catchy theme song – and just what made up the actual Blob. We’ll also repeat the song we originally did when we showed this film years ago- comparing the town in danger to a slightly more friendly place often seen on MeTV. Plus- Kerwyn has lifted the ban on my being part of the weekly mail segment!

“The Blob” creeps- and seeps – and slides- and glides onto MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- plus, you can check for time and/or channel where you are in your local listings, or at . Join the many Twitter fans who live Tweet during our show, often putting us right near the top of Twitter’s trending topics - just make sure to add the hashtag  #svengoolie. In the Chicago viewing area, we give you a second chance to travel to Egypt for the “Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb” at 11 am on the U- but remember- the Saturday morning show returns to our original local channel- now known as the CW26- starting September 19.

Check out the new shipping fees for ordering Sven apparel in our store- just in time to enrich your fall wardrobe! And- go to the MeTV Instagram page to find out how to make YOUR photo look like ME!

Join us tonight when there’s no stopping- not even with dessert topping- “The Blob”!

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1MikeM 13 months ago
…..and dat was da Blob...and dat's da name of dat tune.
Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
One thing that irked me as a kid watching THE BLOB was the flash of the meteor crash behind the mountain was followed immediately by the sound.

At ten, I had been taught to gauge the distance of a lightning strike by counting the seconds from flash to thunder. The speed of light is fast, but sound is roughly one mile in five seconds. There shudda bin a delay between flash and boom in the meteor landing.
MADave 13 months ago
10 minutes get those fingers ready
MADave 13 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Aceman2 13 months ago
German poster for Saturday’s movie.
The translation as best I can figure means “Here even the strongest learns to shudder”

Jack Aceman2 13 months ago
Pretty good idiomatic translation! Mebbe also “Here even the toughest learn to fear.”
Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Lesson learned from last Saturday's movie:
Don't go poking strange meteorites with stick.

What life lessons will we learn this Saturday?
Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
Don’t go poking strange rabbits with a carrot?
deadringer42 Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
I saw a magnificent shooting star tonight. But it did not land for us to poke it with a stick. But it was very cool.
1MikeM deadringer42 13 months ago
Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
After midnight we're gonna find out who's on first and what's on second.
deadringer42 Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
I don't know. 3rd base.
Carl_N_Brown deadringer42 13 months ago
We'll find out in time.
Jack 13 months ago
Are we conserving out blogging energies for the final push?
Katink Jack 13 months ago
Running out of steam, so I'll check back in tomorrow to see if the blog hit 2500 for this week and who wins the first poster of the new week trophy. Looking forward to reading all the essays and parodies. That always puts me in a good mindset for the feature!
Katink 13 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MADave 13 months ago
It's been a long time since I was first I think I had 3 trophies?
Islander 13 months ago
Well, we are about to begin Rabbit Week on the blog. I wonder who will be first blogger tonight ? I know for sure it won't be me and one other blogger.
Oscar Islander 13 months ago
My money's on Bill again, make it 3 in a row!
Klaatu Islander 13 months ago
It’ll be me😆😆because I’ll be so far behind, I’ll be in front🤔
Islander Oscar 13 months ago
Nah, not Bill. He can't stay down with three trophies. Not with three.
Aceman2 Islander 13 months ago
We’re gonna need a bigger hutch!
Klaatu Aceman2 13 months ago
Ha ha ha! Nice!
Aceman2 13 months ago
Never forget September 11, 2001.
Bucks County PA is home to The Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial which is “The Official Pennsylvania Memorial to the Victims". I live 2 miles from it and visit often. My son was in elementary school; his classmate was the daughter of the pilot of United Flight 175 which hit the South tower. My neighbor's son had just begun working on Wall Street; he witnessed people jumping from the towers and that vision made it impossible for him to ever return to work in NYC. My nephew, an off duty NYC cop, drove in from Long Island and was stationed to protect the United Nations building.

The Garden is a physical homage to the 2,973 lives we lost, with special recognition of the 18 Bucks County Victims. Within the 62-acre Memorial Park, The Garden occupies 2.5 acres surrounded by a 2-acre Oak Garden Arboretum. If you have the opportunity, it is worth visiting.

PatS Aceman2 13 months ago
Thanks for sharing this beautiful video! Looks like a lovely place for strolling and reflecting.
deadringer42 Aceman2 13 months ago
Thank you for Sharing. Never forget.
My son-in-law lost his father in Iraq when he was 11, so this day has has even deeper meaning for our extended family now. We all suffered loss on 9-11, but those losses continued with those who gave all in defence of us.
DrClayton deadringer42 13 months ago
"They repose in eternal sleep. The sacrifices they made shall forever be a monument to the spirit of [our fighting men], to everything that is sacred in our democracy." From MG Frank Keating's Foreword to "With the 102nd Infantry Division Through Germany."
MADave 13 months ago
Sorry Yvette I forgot to wish you a very happy birthday I was focussing on my sister hope you had a great day
Oscar 13 months ago
Remembering 9/11 and those that lost their lives R. I. P.
deadringer42 Oscar 13 months ago
Hard to believe it's been 19 years.
Oscar deadringer42 13 months ago
I know, seems like just yesterday, I remember the moment clearly when I saw the image on the news, I could not believe it was actually happening, it seems so surreal even now.
Jack TheKodakKid 13 months ago
Liō quotes Art Spiegelman’s 24 September 2001 _New Yorker_ cover.
Saturn3 13 months ago
Now they have a language. We are all doomed.
Jack Saturn3 13 months ago
You’ve never read _Watership Down_? On lay zorn!
Saturn3 Jack 13 months ago
I've read it and seen it. But this is real and they will be here tomorrow night!
Catbat 13 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve Morning All!
1MikeM 13 months ago
Happy Happy Birthday Yvette!
daDoctah 13 months ago
The real reason everyone's afraid of getting sent to the cornfield:

Carl_N_Brown daDoctah 13 months ago
But is it N95 rated?
Jack daDoctah 13 months ago
Speaking of cornfields—altho’ the mask makes me think of “Nick of Time”—look what showed up in _Twilight Zone: The Movie_...
daDoctah Jack 13 months ago
That is *no* way to treat the star of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS!
Katink Carl_N_Brown 13 months ago
HA! 😆😆
DrClayton daDoctah 13 months ago
Almost a Unibrow!!
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