The Desert Broils- and Mankind Recoils- from “Gargoyles”- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV we bring you one of the most fondly remembered "made for TV" movies of the early 70s- as an anthropologist author and his daughter learn that legendary demons do exist- and mankind must prepare for the onslaught of- "Gargoyles"!

In this 1972 feature, we meet Dr.  Mercer Boley, who investigates and writes books about demons and demonology with a rather skeptical viewpoint- and his daughter Diana, who serves  as the photographer for his tomes. They meet up in the American southwest to  research his latest book- and decide to make a brief stop at a local tourist trap/curio shop to see if there might be any real artifacts among the souvenirs. The proprietor, Uncle Willie, notices that the doctor and his daughter seem to be blowing off his collection as bunk, and reveals to them that he keeps the real artifacts in the back of the shop- and shows them a bizarre skeleton of some sort of creature. At first, the doctor thinks it's just a hodgepodge  of various animal bones- but Willie's serious demeanor makes Diana think there's more to it than just sideshow fakery. As night falls, and Willie starts to tell the tale of ancient Indian beliefs,  there is a sudden windstorm- but- is it really just wind?  Whatever it is, it results in a conflagration- and bad news for Willie-with dad and daughter barely escaping with the odd skeleton's skull. As they drive away...something- or somethings- attack their car!

They make it to a gas station, where a stunned attendant views the damage to their vehicle- and they make their way to a nearby motel, run by a rather boozy floozy. The next day, they decide to report what happened the previous night to the police- and encounter the local officers apprehending some local young men on motorbikes, whom they think are responsible for the fire and tragedy at the old museum. Doctor Boley and his daughter know better- but don't think the cops will believe the truth.

That night- Diana and Dad get a visit from the actual culprits- real gargoyles! They invade their motel room, in search of the skull of their...relative?! As the gargoyles make their escape, one is killed- and Doc takes it back to his room (smart move...). The next day, Diana goes to the police department to try and plead her case that the boys they've locked up are innocent-but even the guys she's trying to help laugh off her story of the odd creatures.

Diana returns to the motel after dark- but so do the gargoyles, intent on reclaiming their dead comrade-  and  when dad and daughter try to escape- Diana ends up in the hands of the gargoyles! She learns what their real aim is- and it's up to the doctor- and anyone who will believe him-to save his daughter- and maybe even the human race!

This movie boasts a notable cast, including Cornell Wilde, Jennifer Salt, the "Dark Shadows" TV show's Grayson Hall, and a very young Scott Glenn- plus Bernie Casey as the main gargoyle. Some people say their memories of this made-for-TV movie are better than it actually is- let's see what you think! Along with information about the movie, we'll bring you a visit from the Chicago lady who made Svengoolie an answer to a "Jeopardy" question- a song based on a tune by a talented musician whose group got its start in- BERWYN!- and more!

"Gargoyles" appear tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check time and channel in your area in your local listings or  at . Chicago area viewers will get a second (not a third) look at "Ghidorrah the 3-Headed Monster" at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

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Tonight, though, the desert heat isn't all that's dangerous- when "Gargoyles" take flight! And- tomorrow-a happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!