The Doctor By Any Other Name Still Wants the "Revenge of Frankenstein"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV, while you might be creating holiday cookies- Victor Frankenstein is cooking up some of his usual mayhem-   having taken on a new name and a new location, but keeping his same old sinister vocation- he’s making a list- of body parts- and checking it twice- in hopes of not ending up with another monster- all leading to the “Revenge of Frankenstein”!

This 1958 Hammer horror has Baron Frankenstein escaping a death sentence, and basing in the town of Carlsbruck. He spends a few years there, practicing medicine to benefit his wealthy female clientele- some of whom seem to be hypochondriacs who just enjoy the doctor’s attention! The “noble” doctor also heads up a clinic for the poor-  and is considered a model citizen by all- except for a young visitor from the local medical board named Hans, who recognizes Victor- but makes a deal- he won’t expose the doctor’s true identity- if he takes Hans  on as an assistant in his secret experiments! Hans knows the Baron’s history and ungodly work- but finds it so exciting that he wants to be a part of it!.

He is allowed to join the Baron in his hidden laboratory, where another assistant, Karl, who is a hunchback, helps prepare for a new experiment- while hoping the doctor will see fit to give him a new, more perfect body. Hans and the Baron begin their quest to transplant a living brain into a single complete body, moving past the previous attempts utilizing one assembled out of various  parts from different victims- I mean, donors... Karl’s wish is fulfilled-his brain is successfully installed in a new body!

Things start to change when a pretty young lady, eager to do service to the poor, joins the staff of the doctor’s hospital. She ends up tending to the “new” Karl. His rehab is upset when he realizes that the doctor plans to take him on a world tour, putting him on display as a scientific miracle. Karl has no desire to be some sort of exhibit, and promptly escapes from the hospital!

With Karl gone, a new problem arises- an animal specimen that the Baron performed a similar transplant on suddenly becomes dangerous. Hans worries that the same thing may happen to the missing Karl – yet Victor doesn’t think it’s a possibility- until a series of murders begin… and it appears that Frankenstein has created another monster!

The fine actor Peter Cushing again takes the role of  Baron Frankenstein , as he has previously in Hammer films. You’ll no doubt recognize other familiar faces from the famed studio, and we’ll tell you all about them. We’ll use “Svensurrounded” to turn some scenes from the film into some classic sitcoms, as well as taking a moment to parody a certain favorite bawdy British comedian!

The full color “Revenge of Frankenstein” appears tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, if you’re not sure of time and channel where you are, please check your local listings, or at . As always, MeTV invites you to join the many fans who are “live –Tweeting ” during the program on Twitter , using the hashtag #svengoolie . We’ve been trending in the top ten nationally the past few weeks! This morning, Chicago area viewers can again take a dip into the Amazon  with the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

The new Svengoolie action figure is selling fast- if you want one and haven’t ordered yet- you might want to do so now! Don’t wait until they sell out, or patronize the greedy morons who are selling them at three or four times the price at which we offer them on eBay- and don’t fall for the idiots who are selling “information” on how to order for a few bucks! You know how to order them right from our store!

Join us tonight on MeTV for Hammer horror for vengeance- Frankenstein style!

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The1Butler 6 months ago
Svengoolie got a mention in the Sabrina series .
CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
Good evening

Catbat how fun 😄 Christmas movies all night love that idea

Sven here we come

The Stooges "ha ha" has to be fun 🤣

Good night 🌒

MADave 6 months ago
Looks like my vacation for next week will be cancelled for now due to the government shutdown and we all know who to blame for this
CarrieLynnCastro MADave 6 months ago
😞 MADave so sorry to hear that 😞
Jerry MADave 6 months ago
The man in the hat
MADave CarrieLynnCastro 6 months ago
Thanks Carrie the worst part it’ll be work without pay grrrrrrr
MADave Jerry 6 months ago
Nope DJT our boss who runs the country
daleuhlmann MADave 5 months ago
Now you have every reason to be mad, Dave. I know the good news you'd gotten earlier in the week, when it had appeared cooler heads would prevail, must make this seem like a real lump of coal in your stocking. Well, there's still hope that a compromise solution can be found this weekend--let's all hope so.
Catbat 6 months ago
Good Svengoolie Saturday Eve All!
Tonight my boys and I are staying at a motel and just hang out.Remy brought his old PS4 so we can watch Christmas movies all night, I brung all the dvds. We are gonna have fun tonight.
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The1Butler Catbat 6 months ago
abc 8pm here
Lynn Catbat 6 months ago
Sounds wonderful!
daleuhlmann Catbat 6 months ago
Have fun tonight, dear. Have Christmas movies, will travel!
RickGrymes 6 months ago
after an extremely successful day placing beautiful dogs & cats with forever homes at the pawscrossed rescue shelter in Westchester ny
i’m rewarding all with a Pre-Holiday Dinner at a great Italian Ristorantè and after that we all go see the new Aquaman movie, hopefully its good !
Revue tomorrow
Jerry 6 months ago
Charlie foils the Angels once again 😁
Jerry 6 months ago
Whoa! I did not see that coming from Chris's shower
Jerry 6 months ago
I like to use "Open Seasame Chicken" 😁
Jerry 6 months ago
Magic Fire 🤔 maybe that's what I'll name my new guitar
PatS Jerry 6 months ago
Wow! One cool Christmas gift! Better than a bike IMO.
Catbat Jerry 6 months ago
Very nice Jerry. I see hours of fun in your future.
The1Butler Jerry 6 months ago
Nice axe !
Lynn Jerry 6 months ago
CarrieLynnCastro Jerry 6 months ago
Hi Jerry wow a white
Guitar so nice 🎸
Take care 😊
abc123 Jerry 6 months ago
only because Lucille was taken?
MADave 6 months ago
I received a beautiful Christmas card from Catbat it’s in the shape of a snow globe with a Christmas tree and 2 tiny reindeer inside it says Cherish the wonderful traditions of the holiday season. I’ll keep Catbat’s message private tho
Catbat MADave 6 months ago
So glad you liked it.
Trout 6 months ago
My favorite thing about the solstice, as the Doctor says, "we're halfway out of the dark".

A very merry and happy Christmas to everyone in our Svengoolie family!
Catbat Trout 6 months ago
Very nice Trout,Thanks
RickGrymes 6 months ago
With the Giving Christmas season upon us my, wife, daughters, nieces & i are working the “Paws crossed” animal rescue center in Westchester county ny today, tomorrow & sunday our goal is to place at least 1/2 the dogs & cats there into forever homes, with much work getting the word out since Early Fall we have
Really put a dent in that goal, today alone we placed over 20 rescued dogs & cats into permanent family care
Oh btw we also placed 2 ferrets to a young couple, please support your local shelters and always promote spaying and neutering of your loyal companions.
Trout RickGrymes 6 months ago
Rick, that is absolutely awesome. Good on ya, mate!
RickGrymes Trout 6 months ago
thank ya trout, its the least i can do for our furried friends
TheKodakKid 6 months ago
Tomorrow is a big day. Besides being fresh off the Winter Solstice (officially 5:23 Eastern Time today), there will be a full moon and the Ursid meteor shower.

So tomorrow we have the potential of space aliens dropping in under cover of the meteor shower, while people are turning into werewolves. That could make an interesting movie.
Yvette TheKodakKid 6 months ago
Glad you made us aware of that info KK, now I can protect myself
Lynn TheKodakKid 6 months ago
Yes! All that and Svengoolie, too! What more could we ask?
TheKodakKid 6 months ago
Some celebrity birthdays of note.

Phil Donahue is 83. Can we talk about how that makes you feel?

Jane Fonda is 81. Today she’ll get a workout just blowing out all those candles. Of course, she comes from a family of actors. Just think how old her dad would’ve been by now.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is 70. One of the hardest working actors in Hollywood.

Today’s historical highlight:
On this date in 1620, Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower went ashore at present-day Plymouth, Mass.
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