The Price is Out of Sight- “Invisible Man Returns” Tonight!

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Tonight on Me-TV-  it's not the Price's expense- but his defense- as Vincent Price portrays a man who uses invisibility to save himself from an unjust fate and clear (yeah, I said it) his name -as the  "Invisible Man Returns”!

Much like "House of Frankenstein"-  a prison plays into the story's open- where  Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe, an innocent victim of blind justice, sits on Death Row, about to be executed. He's been framed for the murder of his brother, and, just when all seems lost- Dr. Frank Griffin- the brother of the original “Invisible Man”-  and a friend of Sir Geoffrey- drops by for a "final" visit. Shortly afterwards-sound the alarm! Sir Geoffrey's cell appears to be-  empty!

Of course, the truth is that Dr. Griffin has provided to Geoffrey that same famed formula which rendered his brother invisible- but has yet to find a way to keep the drug from causing anyone who uses it to slowly go insane. Nonetheless,  with its use being the only way to get Geoffrey out of jail, and free to try to find out who really DID kill his brother- the risk may indeed be worth it. Geoffrey's lovely fiancée, Helen, meets up with him at his hideout - a rural cottage, where the now-transparent man plans his search for the real murderer…with clues hinting towards someone employed at the Radcliffe family’s mining company as the true killer. The Invisible Sir returns to the company, where Dr. Griffin is also employed- but things get dicey when Police Inspector Sampson of Scotland Yard, who suspects Griffin had a hand in Geoffrey's escape,comes calling, and starts to figure out the truth. Meanwhile, Geoffrey uses his transparency to try to discover the evil within his own family company - and Griffin races the clock to find the antidote to the invisibility drug before the madness totally consumes his friend. As Geoffrey nears the truth, frightening changes occur in his mental state! Will the drug that he's risked using to help prove he is not a murderer- drive him to a point of madness at which he actually WILL become a murderer? And- will the wily police inspector  finally trap him and return him to Death Row?

This 1940 entry in the “Invisible Man” series put Vincent Price in his very first horror film, and he makes a fine Invisible Man- his voice, much like Claude Rains’, has a lot of power to carry his character, even when he’s not seen. Among the villains is an alumni of the Adam West “Batman” series (in which he didn’t play a villain- we’ll explain on the show)- and Sir Cedric Hardwicke, whose other roles you may recognize. The beautiful Nan Grey is a thankfully visible leading lady- who was visible in another of our classic horror movies, which we’ll point out! Cecil Kellaway is a shrewd police inspector who “sees through” the invisible scheme quickly. The invisible effects are pretty good, and there are some very effective moments of danger. We'll have some fun Sven stuff for you, as usual, including a visit with a  yet another actor who is a Svengoolie fan- who you may recognize from an earlier season of "The Walking Dead" and "Heroes Reborn"!

“Invisible Man Returns” tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central , and, to check what time and channel you can find us at in your area, please check local listings and /or at ! Chicago viewers will get a second look at "House of Frankenstein" this morning at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

Thanks to those who voiced their support recently of  my explanation of why some movies show up again on our program.Some viewers still don't understand- or choose not to understand. Serenity now!

Please tune in to "not see" Vincent Price tonight on MeTV!