The Swami VS The Balmy- “Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff”-Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- murder checks into a remote hotel- and the combination of victims and suspects makes for a baffling battle of wits between two of our favorite half-wits, one of the greatest Universal  horror stars, and more- when "Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff"!

Welcome to the Lost Caverns Resort Hotel- where the staff includes house detective Casey and  bumbling bellboy Freddy, played by- who else?- Bud and Lou! Freddy is fired after causing turmoil when a famous criminal attorney is checking in-  and, when the now EX- bellboy goes to his room to plead with him to let bygones be bygones, and possibly save his job- he discovers that the attorney, Amos Strickland, has been murdered! Even worse- Freddy is suspected of being the killer, perhaps as revenge for Strickland demanding his dismissal!

While Casey knows his little pal couldn't possibly be a murderer, the local cops don't agree on his innocence- and decide to keep him in custody in the hotel. There are, suspiciously, a bunch of Strickland's former clients who happen to be staying at the resort- including a sultry siren and  a mysterious swami (Karloff)- and  they all get together, and , in view of their pasts, agree that Freddy must take the fall for the murder. Failed attempts to get him to sign a confession lead to more serious actions against him- as well as more dead bodies appearing (and disappearing)!

A decision is made by the cops to hint that Freddy has  possession of a significant piece of evidence that could reveal the real murderer- which only puts him in more danger! Freddy  isn't safe anywhere- especially when he is lured to the Lost Caverns nearby by the killer! Can the fat little fall guy survive- and will the real murderer be caught?

This 1949 comedy/mystery has some true nail-biter moments- as well as plenty of comedic byplay with Bud and Lou- including Lou's  masquerade as a hotel chambermaid, and a card game with some passed-on players! We'll talk about the cast- give you some background on how one character was changed when Karloff came on board- and more, including a vintage Sven song (as well as the presence of our old coffin and set- from our last showing of this film several years ago)!

"Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff"  will start tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, and you can check for specific channel and time  in your local listings or at . Our Chicago area viewers get one more look at "Godzilla VS Monster Zero" on our sister station, WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

A BIG "thank you" to everyone who helped donate to our WCIU "Fill a Bag/ Fill a Bus" event last Wednesday- it was so nice to have so many Sven fans make a point of coming out to the location we were at, to meet me and contribute- we haven't gotten all the final totals in yet, but , even before I left our location- the amount of monetary donations had already surpassed the entire amount  given in the entire day at a previous event- and there were still four hours to go! This generosity, along with the bags of food that filled the bus by day's end, will help the Greater Chicago Food Depository feed the hungry this summer. Our thanks to the folks at Jewel/Osco as well for  being our partners in this endeavor.

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We hope you enjoy this extended holiday weekend- and take a moment to remember the  members of our armed forces who gave their lives protecting our country.

And- join us tonight for Bud and Lou, and Boris too!