There's 'No Way Home' Tonight for the Combatants of "Earth VS the Spider"!

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Merry Christmas to all our Sven fans and friends! We hope you get to spend the day with those you are about- and that your hearts are filled with happiness. Show kindness to those less fortunate.As always, the greatest gift for us is your continued support!

We wind up the year and this month of fabulous 50s fright features with a Bert I. Gordon ( notice his initials!) production from 1958 that features teenagers endangered by a big (yes, like the initials) arachnid, whose appearance pits “Earth VS the Spider”! ( Just consider a small town as the entire Earth for about two hours…) It seems somehow appropriate to air at a time when a certain webslinger is dominating the theatre boxoffices!

We join Mr. Jack Flynn, driving home from getting a nice birthday gift for his daughter Carol, when tragedy strikes! The next morning, teenaged Carol is headed to high school, worried because her dad never came home that night before- and getting a little angry at her boyfriend Mike, who hints that her father’s absence may be due to some –uh- “liquid distraction”. She knows her dad used to take part in that sort of thing, but the suggestion upsets her as much as him not coming home.

The teens make up, and Carol convinces Mike to borrow a buddy’s car, so they can go looking for her dad. Things look bad when they find his vehicle- but not him. There’s a cave nearby, and Mike wonders if he would have gone in there for shelter. The couple heads into the cave, and, in searching, find the bracelet that her father had planned to bring her. Then, they stumble upon what turns out to be the lair of- a gigantic tarantula that comes after them! They escape, and head to town to tell the authorities.

As you might guess- the authorities find it hard to believe, but fortunately, their science teacher Mr. Kingman stands up for them, and joins the local sheriff, along with his deputies and some pest control men ( Kingman’s suggestion) as they go to the cave, with some terrifying and deadly results- they encounter the huge spider for themselves, and attack it with DDT, which appears to have done the job and killed the menace.

Kingman wants to have the spider studied in order to get some answers, and has it put on display in the high school recreation room, where the school photo club practices their art, using the inert arachnid as a model. Of course, we wouldn’t have much of a movie if it ended with that- and, before too long, the big spider miraculously revives, creating a panic, claiming more victims, and threatening the town!

Missing out on this mayhem are Mike and Carol, who have gone back to the cave, in search of the gift bracelet that she dropped when they ran into the spider the first time. Now, to where would that revived spider most likely return? We’ll find out, as new disasters strike in the cave- and Kingman and the authorities must undertake both a rescue and a “search and destroy” mission! Which will come out as the victor- the spider or the “Earth”?!

As mentioned, this film was produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon, who specialized in films involving over-sized menaces, like “Village of the Giants”, “The Amazing Colossal Man”, and “Beginning of the End” with its giant grasshoppers invading Chicago. You’ll see some familiar faces in the cast, not just from other Gordon films, but from TV shows and short subjects- we’ll tell you all about them, bring you a song with Doug Graves, a Kerwyn-hosted game show concentrating on –what else- spiders, we’ll play another round of our drawing game “Too Drawn Out”-and watch for a special visit from Sventa Claus after his overnight travels!

The epic battle of “Earth VS the Spider” begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- if you need help finding the time or channel in your area, please check your local listings or at . MeTV reminds you that you can join in the live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter- just use the hashtag #svengoolie. Our local Chicago viewers get an encore of “The Undead” at 11 am on our main local station, CW26 -perfect for watching while cleaning up the torn wrapping paper and ribbons!

Enjoy the holiday and tonight’s feature- we hope you’ll be here next week when we begin a brand new year!

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CarrieCastro 23 days ago
Thanks Sven 🎤
and Doug 🎹🎶
By the Sea 🌊⛵
CarrieCastro 24 days ago
Happy New Year 💝
🎉🥂🍾🎉 cheers👻
Best wishes for "2022"
to all 🍃🌹🍃
Mikeyyy 24 days ago
I know we give on for first blogger and milestone posts but I think everyone deserves one so here ya go my friends!
Kergooliewyn Mikeyyy 23 days ago
Now that is nice.
MrsG 24 days ago
‘Twill be someONE very special who rocks in the New Blog and the New Year !
Mikeyyy MrsG 24 days ago
MrsG, everyone here is special in there own way!
daleuhlmann 24 days ago
Even though it's not set on New Year's Eve, I've always thoughts of the 1945 Jack Benny fantasy-comedy THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT an appropriate one
JournalJeff3 24 days ago
Happy New Year!
JournalJeff3 scottieO 24 days ago
Have a great New Year!
scottieO JournalJeff3 24 days ago
I think Kodak said the bar was set pretty low with this past year. Here's to a much better one for all.
Katink JournalJeff3 24 days ago
Happy New Year, JJ! Did the snow start by you?
MrsG 24 days ago
Love ~ Peace ~ Happy New Year
Sven and Crew and ALL Sven Bloggers too !
Katink MrsG 24 days ago
Happy 2022 to my favorite Svenette, MrsG!
MrsG Katink 24 days ago
Love You Girl ~ Keep Rockin !
deadringer42 24 days ago
Hoppy newt ear all.
I'm out. Was going to Try to win the big race, but I'm already been asleep for an hour.
See ya all at the movies.
scottieO deadringer42 24 days ago
I'm sure we'll meet some more fun newt friends on the Sven blog in 2022!
Carl_N_Brown 24 days ago
This past Saturday movie's blog title THERE'S 'NO WAY HOME' TONIGHT FOR THE COMBATANTS OF "EARTH VS THE SPIDER"! is a pun on the title to the current SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

It took me awhile to get the point of IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE MIST RISK- WITH "THE CRAWLING EYE" TONIGHT! until I said it out loud (Sing along with Sven: "It's beginning to look a lot like ...." (cue the Sven sound bite "Moan").

Can I stay awake to next year to see what the blog title for THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS will be?
Islander 24 days ago
Klaatu Islander 24 days ago
Nice! I’m doing the same except rather than a New Years ball, my neighbor had me hoist his Peugeot, then at 12am we let it go, on fire 🔥🤣🤣
MrsG Klaatu 24 days ago
WOW ~ is your neighbor Columbo ? !
Catbat 24 days ago
Happy🎉🥂🎉New Year's Eve🎈 Svengoolie🎩Family ❤️
MADave Catbat 24 days ago
You too Catbat miss you in the east how's dad?
Catbat MADave 24 days ago
Miss you too 💖 Dad may be coming home this week. Not sure how it goes after that.
MADave Catbat 24 days ago
Great news still praying 💖
daleuhlmann Catbat 24 days ago
Happy New Year's Eve, dear!❤️
deadringer42 Catbat 24 days ago
And to you also.
Katink Catbat 24 days ago
Happy New Year, dear Catbat!
MADave 24 days ago
I don't think I'll be here for the midnight race for first I'll be ringing in the new year with family but right now I'm watching a three stooges marathon CASH AND CARRY is on now last one was DISORDER IN THE COURT and the one where the boys to the Bob O Link Mansion
deadringer42 24 days ago
I have trouble fathoming where this creature came from.
20,000 fathoms = 120,000 ft = 22.7 miles. The deepest part of the ocean is only about 7 miles. So where did it come from that was that deep?
daDoctah deadringer42 24 days ago
Maybe it's like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. A league is about three miles, so that'd be sixty thousand miles. The earth is only eight thousand miles across. The title actually is supposed to refer to going under the sea and then traveling for sixty thousand miles, which is like almost three complete trips around the globe. Theoretically possible but impressive at the time Jules Verne wrote it.

So the beast from 20,000 fathoms probably came from somewhere 22.7 miles away, that's all.
Jack daDoctah 24 days ago
Verne was prob’ly using the metric league (_lieue_ in French), which was 4 km or about 2.5 miles. That’s still 50000 statute miles or 40000 nautical miles, about twice around the globe.

On the other hand, fathoms are used to measure depth of water, and length of lines—not distance—such as setlines, nets, harpoon lines, or even an anchor’s rode/line.
daDoctah Jack 24 days ago
Or this....

gregorymon 24 days ago
I just can't fathom it's 2022 tomorrow!
MrsG gregorymon 24 days ago
I know, huh ? !
Feels like I should be a Jetson ? !
KeithJ gregorymon 24 days ago
20000 fathoms? 😋
Jack MrsG 24 days ago
Twenty-one years past 2001, and collar pins still haven’t replaced neck ties!
Catbat gregorymon 24 days ago
I see what you did there
LarryTheTrainGuy 24 days ago
This may get me in the cornfield but I think we all need this HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Jack LarryTheTrainGuy 24 days ago
I don’t recall any rule against foxtrots.
They're the Royal Canadians, different country, different rules.
Drang 24 days ago
Here is a link to my favorite rendition of Auld Lang Syne, by the Scottish group The Tannahill Weavers:
PatS 24 days ago
Carrie -- I'll send you an e-mail about Rox. Talked with her a few months ago, and she seems to be doing okay. Still has a huge pile of family business and belongings to wade through. Her Park City address is the right one. More privately.
Aceman2 24 days ago
Came across this vehicle while driving. I stopped to talk with the guy. He decorates his truck every year.
It would be hilarious if he got pulled over for a taillight out.
gregorymon Aceman2 24 days ago
That rocks! Kudos to the truck owner for their awesome vision! I love it!
TheKodakKid 24 days ago

After 2020 and 2021, the bar for 2022 is pretty darn low, if not sitting on the ground.
MrsG TheKodakKid 24 days ago
Limbo !
How low can You GO ? ! ? !
Jack TheKodakKid 24 days ago
Mayhap Queen Liz needs make another speech at Guildhall?
Jack MrsG 24 days ago
PatS TheKodakKid 24 days ago
My brother remarked, let's hope that the next year is not "2020 too."
Drang PatS 24 days ago
Or 2020 II.
Katink PatS 24 days ago
Amen to that, PatS!
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