This Doctor is Making Deadly Housecalls- Vincent Price is "The Abominable Dr. Phibes"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we continue our celebration of Vincent Price’s birth month with one of his most memorable roles of the 1970s-as a man thought to be dead who is not only alive, but on a mission- to get revenge on the physicians who failed to save his wife’s life by killing them off one by one! There are equal measures of dark hilarity and horror in the campy classic from 1971- “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”!

The police are called in on a strange murder case- of a surgeon, who has died in his London bedroom under mysterious circumstances. This death reminds one officer of a recent similar incident, another doctor’s demise caused by equally odd circumstances- could these deaths be related?

We get some insight into the answer- as we see a mysterious figure- seen playing the organ in an underground lair, aided by a silent but beautiful partner- who sets out on the prowl, obviously up to no good! We see firsthand proof of this, as he visits a fancy-dress ball, and uses an unusual mask to claim his next victim!

The police, led by Inspector Trout, learn that the victims were all surgeons who had worked as a team under one Dr. Vesalius- on a case in which they tried, in vain, to save the life of Victoria Phibes, wife of concert organist Anton Phibes- who himself died in a car crash rushing to the hospital when she was being operated on. But- if Phibes is dead- who might be killing off the doctors involved? Vesalius reveals that there were four other doctors and a nurse who also were involved in the failed operation- and Trout thinks they too may be in danger!

Trout does some research on an amulet discovered at the scene of one of the murders- and finds it has a connection to the biblical Ten Plagues of the Pharaohs. It would seem that the murderer is theming each of his killings to one of the plagues-and Trout has the uneasy suspicion that Anton Phibes may not be dead! A visit to the Phibes burial tomb provides even more possible proof- and the race is on to protect the remaining medical personnel, and Vesalius himself- from the biblical curses being visited upon them in vengeance!

This film, which we have edited for time and some content, is a real favorite of many fans of Mr. Price- both for his creepy victim-by-victim assaults, and for the dark sense of humor throughout the film. A warning- there may be a few moments that are too horrific for some viewers. We’ll introduce you to many of the cast members, including the distinguished actor Joseph Cotten, Peter Jeffrey, famed British comedy actor Terry-Thomas, and Virginia North, as well as a famous genre actress who does not move at all in this movie! We’ll give some trivia about the production, plus a song, a vintage visit to Dr. Phibes’ waiting room, a sinister soft drink commercial, and more!

“The Abominable Dr. Phibes” airs tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Live-Tweeting happens every week on Twitter during the broadcast- MeTV invites you to join in, and to use the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers can get an encore of another of Vincent Price’s chilling classics “House of Wax” this morning on our main local station CW26 at 11 am.

Tune in tonight to see the Doctor- and be aware- you will have another appointment with him next week!

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Viv 6 days ago
I loved the Abominable Dr. Phibes! Onto the next one! 😃
Shayla 6 days ago
Google won’t load for me right now! I might have to bow out on this one. Sorry y’all!!
Klaatu 6 days ago
I just realized something🤔. My son and his girlfriend took my wife and I out to a local brewery for a Pint and I haven’t had dinner. I’m backing away from my keyboard, so you guys can revel in whomever is First Poster New Blog👍
Shayla Klaatu 6 days ago
Cool!! See ya!!
The1Butler Shayla 6 days ago
Dont trust him 🤣
Shayla The1Butler 6 days ago
I DONT!!!!🤬
CrazyK 6 days ago
We hit Phibe K 😂
Klaatu CrazyK 6 days ago
Shayla CrazyK 6 days ago
Katink CrazyK 6 days ago
Klaatu 6 days ago
Shayla Klaatu 6 days ago
I know right!!
Katink Shayla 6 days ago
Shayla, I think some of my additional fish joke answers deserve consideration!
The1Butler Shayla 6 days ago
Years ago on the blog no one knew what time it would change, so the trick was hanging around long enough and watching .
Shayla Katink 6 days ago
Your right!! Here you go!!🥈
Shayla The1Butler 6 days ago
That would suck!!
LmerFudd 6 days ago
We cracked 5,000! Oh, the huge manatee!!
MADave 6 days ago
Oh Mylanta said by DJ Tanner on FULL HOUSE
Klaatu 6 days ago
What is your favorite phrase that replaces cuss words, that’s family safe? Mine is from Twins with Danny DeVito and Arnold when the chain drops on the criminal and DeVito yells “Holy Schmolly!”
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Katink Klaatu 6 days ago
Tartar sauce!
Klaatu Kyle 6 days ago
You are correct 👍. Cuss words are now expressed by news casters with no regard😳😳
1MikeM Klaatu 6 days ago
Son of a Byzantine Queen from King Tut on an episode of Batman
PatS Klaatu 6 days ago
My standard quip when something fails is, "Oh Fish Feathers!"
CrazyK 6 days ago
The ultimate rooftop O/A antenna!!!
Shayla CrazyK 6 days ago
The1Butler CrazyK 6 days ago
I hope he has a converter box
Klaatu CrazyK 6 days ago
Would it get better reception if it was a Black & White finish flag from auto racing?
Shayla 6 days ago
I’m saving my fingers for the actual time! So I won’t blog much, but I’ll read!
The1Butler Shayla 6 days ago
You should do your nails or something.
Shayla The1Butler 6 days ago
Hahaha!!! No distractions for this one!!🤣🤣
The1Butler 6 days ago
I got my secret weapon all warmed up !
Shayla The1Butler 6 days ago
Desktops rule.
LmerFudd The1Butler 6 days ago
What's sad is that I remember using one of these. Ah, the floppy disc days of yore. Gather round, young-uns, and I tell ya about cell phones without cameras and dial up modems.
Shayla LmerFudd 6 days ago
AOL disc's in the mail by the dozens ! One month free !
LmerFudd The1Butler 6 days ago
Haha. Made a nice cheap table coaster or Frisbee for elves.
How about file storage on cassette tape? We had a sorcerer by Exide. Those were the days, when dad upgraded to 8k of memory was a big deal.
Klaatu 6 days ago
OK…if the morning shows on MeTV revolved around Sven, what would they be?
1. My Three Sven’s?
2. Leave It To Sven?
3. One Adam Sven?
4. Highway Sventrol?
The1Butler Klaatu 6 days ago
Have Sven will travel 🤠
Kyle Klaatu 6 days ago
I want Toon In With Sven!

If that fish can do the late show, Svengoolie should be able to bump that guppy off the air for a while.

Show him who is boss!
Aceman2 6 days ago
I’m running out of material

I was found guilty of using too many commas.
The judge told me to expect a long sentence!
The1Butler Aceman2 6 days ago
, but wait theres , more .
Shayla Aceman2 6 days ago
Katink Aceman2 6 days ago
I'm trying to work out a joke about semicolons, but I can't quite get there, Aceman!
The1Butler Katink 6 days ago
You should have them checked after 50 .
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