Tree's a Crowd- When "From Hell It Came"- Tonight!

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We know Mother’s Day is often a reason to send a plant- but tonight on MeTV, there’s a plant coming that no member of the family would be delighted to see arriving! Voyage with us to a South Sea island- where the indigenous residents are at odds with each other, and with the Americans sent to give them medical help- and all end up battling a legendary monster of their own making- ultimately proving that “From Hell It Came”!

In this 1957 herbivorous horror film, we see that the young prince of an island tribe, Kimo, is being put to death by the scheming leaders of his own people. His crime? Seeking medical help for his father, the Chief, from the visiting American scientists- after which, the elder died. His dad’s successor and his witch doctor co-hort blame the prince for this and other illnesses of their people ( though the Chief’s death is something they had a hand in)- and condemn him to die by a knife through the heart! Even his wife Korey, who has eyes for the new chief, betrays her husband. Before his sentence is carried out, Kimo vows to return from the grave for vengeance! The deed is done- and Kimo’s body is buried in the local burial ground.

Meanwhile, a flighty woman who runs the local trading post, has  witnessed the killing, which is taboo ( witnessing, not killing, apparently)- and  is almost captured by a tribal member- but is saved by the scientists. Drs. Arnold and Clark discuss all this unrest- they know the natives think the illnesses are due to “death dust” ( radiation) from a nuclear test- but the scientists know better. The radiation level is minimal, and the deaths are due to the plague, which they are fighting – though many of the superstitious natives thwart them. When they send for more help- it comes in the shapely form of Dr. Terry Mason ( yeah, I know…) – an expert trying some experimental drugs to fight illness, and for whom Bill Arnold carries a torch, which she squelches by wanting a career instead of marriage!

At this same time, the new chief and witch doctor are planning ways to kill the doctors who are only there to help. We see that Kimo’s widow, Korey, is being rejected by the chief, in favor of another woman, Naomi! All that betrayal for nothing!

Before long, it appears that Kimo’s vow is coming true- on the spot where he was buried- a weird tree stump begins to rise from the ground! When one of the natives sees the doctor’s sketch of it- he is frightened- it is the exact image of a horrible island  legend- a tree monster known as the Tobanga! The fabled creature of revenge walks the earth and kills its enemies! This leads our medical team to further investigate – and they find the stump has grown considerably, seems to almost have a heart beat, (as well as a skull-handled knife imbedded in its bark) and – hmmm- does it look like it has a scary face? They dig up the now-larger stump, and take it to their lab- where Terry, in an attempt to keep that so-called heartbeat going, uses one of her formulas on it.

The next morning- the Tobanga is gone- and it appears that this walking tree-like creature will carry out Kimo’s vengeance! Both the natives and the doctors must face the wrath of this evil-that appears to be untrappable and unstoppable!

Perhaps a walking tree is an unusual choice for a monster, but the movie is a lot of fun, and definitely has some scary moments! ( And, yes, a famous review of this film used the now immortal line “And to hell it can go!” I don’t think it deserves that!) We’ll talk about the cast, as usual, present a new song, get another visit from a certain tuna who loves toons, have a commercial for a new cup of brew, and – you asked for it- play “Too Drawn Out”!

“From Hell It Came” comes a-walking onto your screen tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. We have again been showing up on Twitter when viewers live-Tweet during the show- and you are invited to do the same, using the hashtag #svengoolie ( we see plenty of posts while we’re on where people forget to include that!) This morning on our local main station, CW26, our Chicago area audience can get one more “Atta boy, Luther” in when we encore “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” at 11 am.

As many of you may have read, I have again been honored by the Rondo Awards- both with the award for “favorite horror host of the year” in a field with more hosts than ever this time out, including our friends Joe Bob Briggs and the iconic Elvira- and, also received the great honor of being inducted into the “Monster Kid Hall of Fame”- given for achievement in keeping classic horror alive. Both mean a great deal to me, and I thank all of you who were kind enough to vote for me. David Colton, who runs the Rondos, mentioned that many of our fans actually supplement their votes with stating their feelings about myself and the show, and how much it means to them. I am very grateful for all this- and certainly know that the reason for my success is all of you fans. Thank you once again!

Keep watching our store for that new Sven item- which should be available in time for Father’s Day giving ( sorry, moms!) Speaking of which- happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in our audience!

Come see a tree that’s walking free tonight on Me !

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Kyle 4 months ago
I won't make the top 10 at midnight, but I will be here.



Biding my time.

Several hours from now, I will strike.

I will post something random, possibly unrelated, and noticed by only 2 or 3 people.

Then my revenge will be complete!! Ah ha ha ha!!!

Or maybe I will just hang out and enjoy things as usual. We will see.
Carl_N_Brown Kyle 4 months ago
Or enjoy things as unusual.
MADave 4 months ago
I was just thinking, will the FIEND WITHOUT A FACE be anything like the NO-FACED ZOMBIE from Scooby-Doo?
KeithJ MADave 4 months ago

How about The Blank aka no-face from Dick Tracy?
KeithJ 4 months ago

Just got home from work. Who's lining up for the Preakness?
Klaatu 4 months ago
I’m working till after 9pm, so I’d like to show-horn in an attempt at first blog for Fiend. I’ll just call it Fiend With A Place (in line to post)😊
Mikeyyy 4 months ago
Hey we broke 4K! Good job all! I’m more of and early bird so I’m gonna get some sleep and be back for pink panther. I’m gonna predict one of the girls will be first blogger, maybe even you MrsG!! 😉😁
Kergooliewyn 4 months ago
Hey Rob Reiner is playing a hippie on Gomer Pyle. Gomer is singing again.
Blowin in the Wind.
1MikeM 4 months ago
If they ever do a remake of FROM HELL IT CAME they should get Shia LaBeouf to be in the movie. By the way...bring back Shia LaBeouf!
Kergooliewyn 1MikeM 4 months ago
I had High hopes for him. Hopefully he'll get it together, to be the star he could be.
Kergooliewyn 4 months ago
Oh I am counting the minutes, (that seem like hours.) Till Saturday. When I can blog my little ❤ out. Always honoring the blog, and avoiding at all cost that one word from our Administrator.
Kergooliewyn Kergooliewyn 4 months ago
Even in lower case that word feels foreboding.
MADave 4 months ago
I have nothing pink except a long sleeved Scooby Doo shirt I mean what good will that do for Pink Panther tomorrow?
TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Anyone hear from Gabste in the last little while?

That has happened a few times. Here's what's left of a genius in Florida's Hummer after he tried filling 5 gal cans in his back seat.
Jack NoPersonalChicks 4 months ago
That’s why they put the jerry can straps on the outside!
gabste TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Geez I'm not that stupid !!!! I don't live in South Carolina anyway
Islander 4 months ago
Wednesday ran away from home. Oh the pain.
I ran away from home once. Well, actually I rode. My parents called me a cab.
Islander KeithJ 4 months ago
Thank you Keith for that bdump bump.
Did you say you live or lived around Ft. Myers ?
My brother lives in Englewood. I think that's close.
KeithJ Islander 4 months ago
Yup, FM.
KeithJ Islander 4 months ago
About an hour-hour and a half drive, as the snowbird flies!
MADave 4 months ago
Good news group mom is home yippee! 😀
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MADave daleuhlmann 4 months ago
Thanks dale
MADave 1MikeM 4 months ago
Thanks Mike
deadringer42 MADave 4 months ago
Glad to hear she is home.
MADave deadringer42 4 months ago
Thanks dr42
DrClayton 4 months ago
I finally decided what to store in my She-Shed:
DrClayton 4 months ago
Does this Tobanga have a face?
PatS 4 months ago
Someone commented on Bill (of Toon In With Me) having a Jolly Olly Orange cup. I was amazed that a couple days ago, on The Station We Must Not Name, Bill showed up in a story about a antique/trivia shop, being the cartoon memorabilia reference guy. Come on, WWME must have known about it. Have they resolved the feud? (Full article about "Funny Face" drinks on Wikipedia.)
Jack PatS 4 months ago
Ah geez, Pat! Why’d you have to bring up something from four years ago. Now Weigel is going to have to pur… furlough another bunch of employees!
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