Two Versus Two-in-One- Boris Karloff Goes Through Them Changes When "Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we have a different take on a classic Robert Louis Stevenson horror novel – which boasts not only one of the greatest stars of Universal horror- but also the studio’s longtime top comedy team. It’s been a while since we’ve run this movie- so we have brought back  "Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde"- featuring Boris Karloff as the tormented doctor!

Bud and Lou appear to be in some sort of law enforcement exchange program, as they are studying London police methods by aiding (?!) Scotland Yard’s force- a department currently preoccupied with finding some murderous maniac who’s on the loose, his latest victim being a prominent doctor! A crusading reporter happens upon a woman's rights demonstration (which, naturally, gets out of hand with the aid of Bud and Lou- and some loutish men who don't agree with equality for ladies) and becomes very interested in the young woman leading it- Vicky, a pretty showgirl who also happens to be the ward of the eminent Dr. Jekyll! In the fray, all four are arrested- with Bud and Lou losing their standing with the police. Jekyll arrives to bail out his ward, and, consequently, gets a little miffed at the attention the reporter is paying to her.

Our two "heroes", dismissed from duty, decide that they must collar a criminal to get back in Scotland Yard's good graces- Bud opts for the maniac, but Lou would rather collar a burglar they conveniently spot (unfortunately- it turns out that it IS the maniacal Mr. Hyde)! Trailing him, they end up at the theatre that Vicky performs at, where they encounter the demonic Hyde- and their pursuit of him brings them to a wax museum (with some familiar figures from one of their most famous flicks). They think they have Hyde trapped- but, along the way, he reverts to Jekyll, and Bud and Lou are again treated with disdain by their old police supervisor. The wily Jekyll asks the boys to accompany him to his home, and will pay them to stay overnight as "protection"- which leads to discoveries and mayhem- and, as the reporter becomes closer to the ward, and Vicky reveals his intentions to her guardian, Jekyll's possessive feelings for the girl and raw jealousy bring out the beast in him- literally!

It's always a plus to have Karloff in a film, with Boris working with the boys again  after previously starring with them in 1949’s “Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff”.( We know that he declined to appear in “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”). We get some interesting transformations- in fact, once Dr. Jekyll transforms into Mr. Hyde, it’s actually  Boris’ stand-in - stuntman Eddie Parker! Adding some additional star power, Craig Stevens, TV's "Peter Gunn" is the reporter. We'll fill you in on more of the cast and production details, and add in some two-faced shtick- plus, there's one particular Sven bit of business, playing off a daytime TV personality, that has become a favorite of Sven fans. We have gotten a really nice HD digital print of the movie as well!

"Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde" runs tonight on Me-TV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, if you're not sure of time in your area, please check your local listings or at . Last week, our show was among the top ten trending topics on Twitter during the show, thanks to the live- tweeting of Sven fans- and you can join in again this week, using the hashtag #svengoolie. Our Chicago area viewers get a second look at the “War of the Colossal Beast” at 11 am this morning on CW26.

The Sven zip-up hoodies, which many fans have asked for, have proven to be a big hit- with the pull-over version still available. Please check them out in our store, and join us tonight for Bud, Lou and Boris!

Finally- let us never forget the tragedy that occurred on this day twenty years ago. We honor the memory of those we lost- and the brave people who sprang into action in the worst of times.

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Geo 10 months ago
Fat friend? Isn't that fat shaming?
Geo 10 months ago
Frankie this brain hasn't worked right yet. Classic.
PatriciaBStearns 11 months ago
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MrsG 11 months ago
Good night good people ~ will be great to catch up with all the juicy Blogging in the am !
Geo MrsG 10 months ago
Good night MrsG
Bill_K 11 months ago
Good Evening, Everyone:

Just got in from seeing my minor league baseball team play. They are in a tight run for the playoffs and that is as far as I will take this topic.

I am kind of wiped out and am just not up to posting on tomorrow night's offering - classic that it is - so I am skipping tonight!

I will talk to you all tomorrow and. like you, watch a movie that turned 90 this year and an actor who died 65 years ago this year, as well.
MrsG Bill_K 11 months ago
Rest up Bill_K , you spoil us every week and deserve a staycation !
Lynn Bill_K 11 months ago
Rest well and enjoy the show Bill. I'm glad that you let us know.
Jack Bill_K 11 months ago
Minors! That’s baseball love!
Katink Bill_K 11 months ago
Thanks for telling us! (We would worry. . .💕)
MrsG Katink 11 months ago
You have outdone yourself oh avatar vampiress !
Katink MrsG 11 months ago
Thanks, MrsG! I'm batty this week!
daleuhlmann Bill_K 11 months ago
Hope you enjoyed the game, Bill. Look forward to your review next week. Take care.
CarrieCastro 11 months ago
Dracula Ooo nice
for tomorrow night
🎩🦇 See you later👻
CarrieCastro 10 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CarrieCastro 11 months ago
Elvira is 70 🎂😱
today wow no
kidding surprising 😉
Good for her have a great day 🥀
MrsG 11 months ago
Who all has ranked in as ~
I know of a few since I have been tuning in ~ don’t be shy now , even post # of x , and movie blog if you recall ~ appreciate it my Svensuperstars ! ! !
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Katink MrsG 11 months ago
Thanks, MrsG! We are grilling stake (steak). Also making garlic mashed potatoes! And we were gifted with some shishito peppers that we will fill with garlic and herb cream cheese. (Your wings sound really yummy, too!)
MrsG Katink 11 months ago
Ooooo that sounds so good !
Mmmm , you’d think I was hungry but just had yummy crabby cakes earlier ~ g’nite Girl !
Katink MrsG 11 months ago
Sweet dreams, MrsG!💕
Kergooliewyn Katink 11 months ago
Love the new you!
deadringer42 11 months ago
Dang, just hit a deer on the way home tonight, On the highway off ramp. I hit the brakes & swerved left and he went left, i tagged his backend. I don't think he is going to fair to well. Cracked headlight & bumper. I fell bad for the deer.
MADave deadringer42 11 months ago
I can remember an odd number of years ago when I was headed to work my driver hit a bunny
Bill_K deadringer42 11 months ago
The question is - are you okay?

I hit one almost the same way you did. Coming off one highway on a curved I had very little time to react. And something told me not to hit the brake, for fear of it coming thru my front windshield. I didn't stop to go back as it was dark. I wondered why my air conditioning didn't seem to be working. I found out why when I finally stopped in a parking lot with lights, The grill work was completely destroyed, so was the radiator and my front fender was gone. The repair work would have cost 6K if I didn't have insurance. Fortunately, they didn't raise my rates since they consider that an act of God.

That's the first thing I think of whenever I see a deer on the side of the road. What's that vehicle look like?
Aceman2 deadringer42 11 months ago
I've hit 3. Worst one was a deer had ventured onto the Scudders Falls Bridge over the Delaware River and I'm doing 75 mph in my Acura TL. She took out my Windshield and my moonroof and flew over the railing and down into the river. That car had 180,000 miles on it and to my surprise, insurance company did not total it.
Jack deadringer42 11 months ago
It’s good you only cracked a headlight and damaged a bumper. A friend of mine was driving a 1970s Maverick when he hit a deer crossing the road. The bumper caught the deer where the cannon bones join the rest of the leg and the bulk of the deer’s body was above the hood. As the deer flipped over the hood, its body rotated so that the hooves hit the windshield first. The hooves punctured the windshield followed by the rest of the deer, which mangled the top of the windshield frame and the roof. It was a miracle the hooves missed Enrique in the driver’s seat. The car was totaled.

Years later, Debbie and I were driving through West Texas at night on the way to New Mexico and I saw deer at the side of the road. Their eyes shined in the headlights and their bodies were ghostly like seen through night vision googles. I kept thinking of Enrique and the deer until we stopped for the night.
deadringer42 Bill_K 11 months ago
I'm fine. just a little shaken. minor damage to car, but deer I doubt will make it.
daleuhlmann deadringer42 11 months ago
Glad you're okay, deadinger!
abc123 11 months ago
First draft of this weeks verse included "doesn't drink wine". Cleaned it up, and now am sure it will be liked.
MrsG abc123 11 months ago
Will look fwd to THE FAN !
MADave 11 months ago
Here's another with my Svengoolie hat
MrsG MADave 11 months ago
Hey now ~ the SVENETTES want to see you modeling them !
Aceman2 MADave 11 months ago
Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Does anyone else go to\videos and catch up on Keryn's Corner Jokes ... of the Week?
MADave Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
MrsG Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Yes occasionally , thanks for reminding me ~ always good for a chuckle !
1MikeM Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Yeah once in a while. I wish they would bring back the comment section for those videos.
Kergooliewyn Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
I do sometimes.
MADave 11 months ago
Hey group just wanted to share with you my Svengoolie attire for tomorrow night
MrsG MADave 11 months ago
Oh that is most righteous MADave ~ and I bet you look and feel great wearing it !
Enjoy *_*
MADave MrsG 11 months ago
I got the shirt in the Svengoolie store (he has a store?) A few years ago I usually wear it during Halloween time but since we are seeing Dracula tomorrow I thought it was appropriate attire?
abc123 MADave 11 months ago
Wonder how hard it would be to get the rights to make a Hammer version of this (minus Creature from Black Lagoon)?
Kergooliewyn MADave 11 months ago
Oh that is Groovalicious!
Kergooliewyn 11 months ago
Wonder how many movie dinners tomorrow night will include ketchup.
Klaatu Kergooliewyn 11 months ago
Or the ketchup substitute?😳😳
MrsG Kergooliewyn 11 months ago
Not here K ~ since I love how he flies , going with hot Vampire wings ~ well hot for Hubster , mild for me !
Actually we often have wings on the weekend but these will be very special Svengoodies !
PatS MrsG 11 months ago
I **LIKE*** that! Svengoodies. A coinage to be savored.
Kergooliewyn MrsG 11 months ago
Sounds Super MrsG. I like them hor myself.
Kergooliewyn Kergooliewyn 11 months ago
Oopsy, make that hot.
Kergooliewyn PatS 11 months ago
Agreed. Sven blog is definitely the birthplace of some niffty newfangled words.
Kergooliewyn Klaatu 11 months ago
I'm afraid to ask what the ketchup substitute is. Or do I already know.
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
As we close down the A & C MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE blog, here's a few facts about Helen Westcott, who played Vicki, Jekyll's ward. She started out as a child star, and by that time, had been trying to launch a successful adult career for herself. She later appeared in director Jack Arnold's MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS, another psuedo Jekyll and Hyde horror film. She did some TV work before sadly succumbing to cancer in 1968.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Thank you Dale! Reading your post just reminded me that I did an early shift today, I’m home, and the new Blog is fair game😜. Look out! Klaatu Barada Nikto
Kergooliewyn daleuhlmann 11 months ago
dale Wiki says she died in 1998 at 70.
Mikeyyy daleuhlmann 11 months ago
My sisters name is Vicki and her oldest daughter is name Vicki also. I made sure she knew there was a Vicki in the movie. She's ok with scary stuff as long as it's not a skeleton. My brother had a skull head light and we used to chase her with it.
Kergooliewyn Kergooliewyn 11 months ago
Not that Wiki has never been wrong.
daleuhlmann Kergooliewyn 11 months ago
Typo: Yes, it was 1998.
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