WARNING- Keep Your (Social) Distance from -"Gargoyles"- Tonight!

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Perhaps the desert might be a good place for social distancing- but you’d definitely want to keep your distance from some legendary demons on the prowl out there! Tonight on MeTV, we bring back a favorite "made for TV" movie of the early 70s – the story of an anthropologist author and his daughter, whose skeptical research into so-called mythical creatures becomes a confrontation, when they discover the existence of - "Gargoyles"!

We arrive at an airport in the American southwest, where Dr. Mercer Boley, writer and investigator/debunker of demonology meets up with his lovely daughter Diana, who serves as photographer on his projects. Ready to research his latest book, they set out-but have a bit of confusion about their route. They end up at a local “tourist trap”- a curio shop where, just for the heck of it, they check out the inventory, in case by some miracle there are any real artifacts. Uncle Willie, the grizzled old proprietor, takes note that the pair are showing little regard for his stock and definitely are not taking his artifacts seriously- so he tries to impress them by revealing the bona fide items he keeps in the back of the shop. He shows them a display of a skeleton of –well, some sort of creature- which the doctor thinks is just a combination of various animal bones, kind of like a display of a jackalope would be. Daughter Diana, however, noting Willie’s serious demeanor, tends to think there's some truth to it all, and not just some ballyhoo to hoax suckers. Willie tells them about the history of the area and what he’s found, but as day gives way to night, and he describes some ancient Indian beliefs, a strong windstorm unexplainably rises- at least, they think it’s a windstorm! The mayhem causes a huge destructive fire, bad news for Willie-and dad and daughter barely escape, dragging with them with the skull of that odd display of the creature’s skeleton. They haven’t reached safety, though- as they drive away, their car is attacked and battered by shadowy figures!

They finally escape the onslaught, and manage to limp their car to a gas station. The attendant is shocked by the amount of damage their vehicle has sustained- and since it’ll take a while to fix it all up, they head to the adjoining motel, run by a boozy woman who obviously has not just fallen off the wagon, but must’ve been run over by it!! When day breaks, Dad and Diana go to report the previous night’s mishaps to the police- who are currently busy apprehending a pack of local young men on motorbikes ( watch for one of the squad cars to miraculously change from a Chevy to a Ford in the proceedings!). The officers believe these no-good punks are responsible for the tragic conflagration at the old museum, but Doctor Boley and his daughter know better. However, they don’t think they can reveal the truth of what they experienced- they just don't think the cops will buy their story- at least not yet.

Back at the motel that night- Diana and Dad get some unexpected visitors- actual gargoyles, seemingly in search of the skull taken from the museum! After some confrontation, the gargoyles escape, but one is killed- and Doc takes it back to their room ( eww!), suspecting that the gargoyles were behind the museum incident- and that the skull may have belonged to one of their ancestors!

The next day, Diana goes to the police department- hoping to convince the cops that the boys they've locked up are not to blame-but the police and even the guys she's trying to help laugh off her story of the odd creatures.

She returns to the motel after dark- but so do the gargoyles, intent on reclaiming their dead comrade’s body-and more! Diana ends up captured by the gargoyles, who reveal to her what their true plans are- and it’s up the doctor- and anyone he can convince that the gargoyles are real- to save his daughter- and stop the weird creatures before they begin their plan to defeat the human race!

This 1972 movie’s cast includes big screen star Cornell Wilde, the lovely Jennifer Salt, the "Dark Shadows" TV show's Grayson Hall, and a very young Scott Glenn- plus the late Bernie Casey as the head of the gargoyles. Along with information about the movie, we bring you a visit with lovely actress Brooke Theiss, a veteran of “Nightmare on Elm Street 4” and the sitcom ”Just the Ten of Us”, plus a takeoff on a popular 80s TV show, a song based on a tune by a friend (a talented musician whose group got its start in- BERWYN!) -and even more!

"Gargoyles" fly onto your screen tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check time and channel in your area in local listings or at . You can help us trend nationally as usual on Twitter by live-Tweeting during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers will get bugged one more time by “The Deadly Mantis"- at 11 am on the U.

Our store is working on something special- be watching for it!

Thanks to our loyal fans who join us every week- and all the new viewers who have found us and are now coming back! Stay safe and beware of the “Gargoyles” tonight!

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dh 3 hours ago
This Perry Mason episode is too scary for me. Perhaps I will check in with all of you tomorrow.
à Bientôt
dh 3 hours ago
Does Uncle Meanie have t.p. wound around the arms of his glasses? Is that where we should hoard it???
dh 3 hours ago
Wow- look at that camp shirt! That guy is a real player!
dh 3 hours ago
P.S. That wallpaper is hideous! Set design gets a D-
MADave 4 hours ago
Billy Mumy on tonight's Perry Mason
dh MADave 3 hours ago
Okay, I just tuned in. He was kind of a creepy little kid.
MADave 4 hours ago
I think there’s a glitch going on in my neck of blog?
MADave 4 hours ago
Now both Mike’s post is gone including my reply
MADave 4 hours ago
Ok that was weird I just replied to 1mikM and it just shows my name and not the arrow pointing to his name?
MADave 8 hours ago
Hi gang just checking in to see if everyone’s behaving and following the admin’s guidelines well it’s looks good so far?
Jack 9 hours ago
The D’oh! Department:

I forgot that the pocket watch I currently carry looks like a robot. I guess that ties together two posts by Klaatu and Dr. Dale...
daleuhlmann Jack 7 hours ago
A two-in-one, Jack!🙂
Klaatu Jack 6 hours ago
Geez, I’m confused as to what can’t be posted 🤔. My robot pic post was from a show that’s a sister station to MeTV, not a competitor. I didn’t post a YouTube video, my post seemed relative to our fun Svengoolie blog discussions, so does that mean I go to the cornfield?
I just checked since I did not remove that post, and it is still there. There have been a couple reports of glitches here
The1Butler Jack 1 hour ago
Is that rosie from the jetsons ?
Jack 10 hours ago
Attention former Junior Astronauts, Model Rocketeers, and all other Children of the Space Race:

The SpaceX launch has been postponed ’til Saturday because of inclement weather. Sven *and* a rocket launch! I’m about to burst!
JournalJeff2 Jack 10 hours ago
Yes! A rocket launch and Svengoolie! This will be a Saturday for the ages!
Klaatu JournalJeff2 10 hours ago
Yes, but it would have been really great if someone painted the Svengoolie image on the rocket. Maybe Elon is a Svengoolie fan?
Catbat Jack 9 hours ago
I'm beside myself! 🎩🚀
TheKodakKid Jack 8 hours ago
Too bad it’s too late to switch the movie to “Abbott and Costello Go To Mars.”
daDoctah TheKodakKid 7 hours ago
Abbott & Costello Go To...Berwyn?!
deadringer42 Jack 5 hours ago
My daughter and I went to the last shuttle launch in 2011. Pretty cool. Today, I am just happy to watch Sven.
The1Butler Jack 2 hours ago
Oh happy days !
Jack 11 hours ago
We just had a big hailstorm. I wonder if our insurance will cover ther gargoyles?
Catbat Jack 9 hours ago
Do you have Liberty Biberty?
daleuhlmann 14 hours ago
Hey, group, today, May 27, is the same birthday of two horror icons, Vincent Price and Sir Christopher Lee. After having first appeared together on film in the 1969 Edgar Allan Poe chiller THE OBLONG BOX, the two became friends. Yesterday, May 26, was Peter Cushing's birthday.
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daleuhlmann Islander 12 hours ago
Indeed, it is!
daleuhlmann Klaatu 12 hours ago
No, actually it was a 1958 j. d. crime thriller called "The Cry Baby Killer."
daleuhlmann Jack 12 hours ago
Yeah, who'd have thunk it?
Jack 14 hours ago
Linnea Quigley, Scream Queen since 1975, turns 62 today. Most of her oeuvre is a bit recent for Svengoolie, but who knows?
MADave Jack 14 hours ago
Happy birthday Ms Quigley
Islander Jack 14 hours ago
Hey, she's alive right ? Better than being a Quigley down under.
NoPersonalChicks Jack 13 hours ago
She headlined in what could be the best movie title of all time (and possibly the worst movie)--'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama'.
Jack NoPersonalChicks 13 hours ago
Troma’s _A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell_ (1990) has got to count for something!
How did that one fly under the Oscar voters' radar thar year?
Or better yet, the Razzies?
Catbat 15 hours ago
Happy Hump 🐪 Day All!
MADave Catbat 15 hours ago
Hey Catbat I've got a cute face mask with a cat and it says cover your Meowth I'm not kitten
Catbat MADave 13 hours ago
Haha 😂 Very clever
MADave Catbat 11 hours ago
My mom ordered some online and she even ordered one with a dog and it says it's ruff out there!
daleuhlmann 15 hours ago
Good Wednesday morning, group! Hey, here's a REAL horror movie Sven could show some time: "The Watch That Wouldn't Die!"

Yesterday, while Catbat and I were at the local laundromat yesterday, she found my wrist watch. It had been in the pocket of one of my shorts all that time. When we pulled it out, we found that it had miraculously survived the wash and spin-dry cycles, not to mention, thirty minutes in the dryer. It was still keeping "purr-fect" time!
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daleuhlmann Klaatu 14 hours ago
daleuhlmann Lynn 14 hours ago
No doubt!😆
daleuhlmann Jack 14 hours ago
That might work!
daleuhlmann DavidH 14 hours ago
"It's still ticking!"-- ha-ha!😆
Klaatu 16 hours ago
Sighted on MeTV’s sister station: This is Mr. McTavish invented by Professor Pepperwinkle on Superman! The robot was fueled by Kryptonite.
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MeTV content is advertised on my local ABC affiliate.
Catbat Jack 13 hours ago
We should Storm Area 51!
Islander Klaatu 13 hours ago
This robot looks like a stackable washer dryer unit.
daDoctah Klaatu 7 hours ago
MeTV here in Phoenix is over the air on channel 7.2. Channel 7.1 is an independent station that, apart from locally produced shows, airs things like Family Feud, Maury, Judge Jerry, Cops, Seinfeld and The Goldbergs.
TheKodakKid 16 hours ago
Actress Lee Meriwether, seen on MeTV in “The Time Tunnel”, “Barnaby Jones”, and “Batman”, is 85 today.

She’s still strikingly attractive for her age.
Lynn TheKodakKid 16 hours ago
Let's also remember her role in 4D Man!
MADave TheKodakKid 15 hours ago
Happy birthday Ms Meriwether
LarryTheTrainGuy 17 hours ago
here it is' this week's movie trailer I wonder if they got the idea for Jurassic Park from this movie
As a matter of fact, my upcoming movie review partly addresses those similarities.
You'd have to ask Michael Crichton who published the novel in 1990. His first draft was a screenplay he wrote in 1983. He might not answer you, unless you are good at seances. He died in 2008.
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