Welcome- Friday the 13th !!!

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It’s about time we had another Friday the 13th- I know I’ve written before about how most Fridays the 13th have always been good luck for me- and I’m hoping this one will be, as well. First of all- final call on meeting me tonight at the Theatre at the Center in Munster for the wine and cheese party before “Little Shop of Horrors” musical. It’s going to be an entertaining night- so, check out our “appearances” tab if you want the information… Also, since I won’t be able to do more than have a brief plug for it in tomorrow’s blog- please make your plans to attend the big “G-Fest” Saturday at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare hotel in Rosemont-where I’ll be making a special appearance from 1 to 3 pm! We will have a limited number of t-shirts and buttons on sale, and I’ll do my usual free autographs, photo-posing, etc. This is my first time at this amazing Godzilla and giant Japanese monster convention, and I’m looking forward to meeting the many Godzilla fans who will be in attendance. If you’re into the Japanese monsters, this is the best event in the Midwest to hit! I truly enjoy Godzilla and his ilk, though I certainly am nothing near an expert- lord knows I’ve shown enough of their films, especially back in the WFLD days- and there are so many fans who know volumes about the “King of Monsters” and his various friends and adversaries- but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy all the cool stuff that will be going on at the convention. You can meet actors and crew members from the various films- including Akira Takarada, who played navy diver Hideto Ogata in the ORIGINAL “Godzilla” film! Also on hand- Bin Furuya, who was inside the suit in the Ultra man series, and also has appeared in movies like “Ghidorah the Three-headed Monster”. There will also be panels, contests, and the largest dealer room dealing with “kaiju”- the giant Japanese monsters- in the western world! The convention goes all weekend, but, as I said, I will only be there from 1 to 3 pm Saturday. For details, again, go to our “appearances” tab. Okay- I have to say- I know I always tell you about current commercials I can’t stand- but one that I found laugh-out-loud funny is the State Farm ad where, among the lost items pulled out of the Wrigley Field ivy is- Andre Dawson! Those goofy Smythe Brothers could learn a little bit about subtlety from that one… I got a puzzling e-mail yesterday-the latest winner of one of our studio-used rubber chickens (obviously, a Sven newsletter subscriber whose name was chosen- at random- to win the autographed chicken) stated that she was disappointed that it “did not talk when you hold it by the neck, like the one online.” She wanted that one. I’m a little confused by what she saw- did she see Kerwyn, and think she’d get a talking Kerwyn chicken? I think the contest makes things pretty clear… …which brings me to another point- I get more people asking (or, in some e-mails, TELLING) me that they should get a free rubber chicken or free t-shirts. One was even ingenious enough to INSULT me before asking. READ CAREFULLY- our contest- which you enter by subscribing to our newsletter- happens once a month- and a RANDOMLY-CHOSEN subscriber will receive the studio-used, retired, autographed chicken (no, it does not talk). We also do NOT give out free t-shirts .Sorry. Hope to see you tonight in Munster- that will make this a lucky Friday the 13th for both of us!

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