We're Putting a Price on the Original "House on Haunted Hill"- Tonight!

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Many of our viewers share our enjoyment of Vincent Price- so, tonight on MeTV, they will be getting their wishes to see one of his films- in fact, one that many of them have requested! It’s the collaboration between Vincent and that master of ballyhoo, William Castle- in a tale that is a mix of ghost story, domestic tension, and a contest between needy subjects to gain wealth- without losing their lives! It’s the original 1959 version of “House on Haunted Hill”!

We join a group of people, none acquainted with each other, as they make their way to a home rented by Frederick Loren- a millionaire- and his sultry wife Annabelle. These five folks have been invited by Frederick to an unusual party- and the one thing they have in common is the desperate need for money. Frederick offers them the chance to get some- $10,000 each, in fact- with one stipulation- they must spend the night sealed up in this house, from midnight through to the next morning. It sounds simple enough- until it is revealed that this place is haunted by treacherous ghosts of those murdered here-who seem more than willing to add to their number!

Little do the guests realize that Frederick and Annabelle are not exactly a coosome twosome- Frederick thinks that his wife tried to poison him to gain control of his wealth, while Annabelle ( actually his fourth wife) suspects that he did in previous wives, and that he is planning something with this sleepover party.

Among the guests is the house’s actual owner, Watson Pritchard, who relates the haunted history of the place- indeed, his own brother is among the spirits supposedly inhabiting the house. He gives the party a tour of the premises, including a dungeon-like cellar that includes its own acid pit- reputed to be the site of one of the murders. Before long, a few apparitions appear, causing some panic among the guests.

Frederick lays down the contest rules, provides each guest with a gun for protection ( against ghosts?!), and gives the option that anyone who doesn’t want to play may leave. Unfortunately, the caretaker couple of the house leave early, and lock the house up BEFORE the midnight starting point- leaving everyone stuck in the house, like it or not!

Thus begins the quest to survive until morning- as the guests encounter more strange occurrences and what appears to be a death by suicide- or was it murder? Suspicions arise that one of the group in the house may indeed be a murderer- as terror and treachery stand in the way of survival!

We’ll have background information on our cast and the production, and talk about the gimmick Castle invented for this film- a process he called “Emergo”! We’ll also bring you a new song, promotion for a questionable mortgage finance company, a vintage segment with some clips from the film in Svensurround, and more. Though this film is widely seen, since it is has fallen into public domain, we have procured a digitally restored print that looks great.

“House on Haunted Hill” opens its doors to you tonight at        8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. As usual, you can join in on the “Live-Tweet” posting during the show on Twitter- please include the hashtag #svengoolie to your posts. In the Chicago viewing area, viewers get an encore showing of Karloff and Lugosi in “Black Friday” at 11 am on our main local station, CW26.

Join us this evening to spend the night with Vincent Price and a gallery of ghosts- sorry, you will NOT get $10,000 for staying through the entire show, but you will get plenty of fun and fright!

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abc123 3 months ago
made it home - getting video and photos uploaded - will be ready to defend my title for the week!
MrsG abc123 3 months ago
abc123 GO GO GO !
Your fans avidly await the fan reveal !
Katink MrsG 3 months ago
True that, MrsG! Traditions!
gabste 3 months ago
May the best blogger win ! I'm so tired. I try to wake up for toons and a special panda cam who's having a Birthday cake at the Washington dc zoo at 730 am. You guys have a good night. I would reply to some recent post but too sick. My eyes are tearing and burning ! 😷 I will be here for Sven's new movie ! 🐼🐾🐾
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gabste Klaatu 3 months ago
Awww Klaatu thank you my buddy 😊
gabste MrsG 3 months ago
Katink MrsG 3 months ago
Who, me? 👀
MrsG Katink 3 months ago
Shhh , stealth is of the essence !
Tip toe like the Pink Panther 🦩 , or flamingo ? !
Bruce 3 months ago
Awesome Thanks for a True Classic
MrsG 3 months ago

WOW did you the size of that pickle ? !
It’s PICKLESBURGH this weekend on the Andy Warhol bridge. But even wild pickles couldn’t keep me from Svengoolie !
💚 *_* 💚
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NoPersonalChicks MrsG 3 months ago
Moe: "And just think, I might have asked Maddie Herring to marry me."
Larry: "Yeah, you'd have been in some pickle with that Herring."
MrsG Aceman2 3 months ago
Was thinking about you ~ hope you had a great time ~ best part is seeing family , anywhere , and probably long overdue !
This weekend is busy with Picklesburgh Event and Little Italy Days + first home game , all canceled or affected last year by you-know-what !
Thank God for Sven no matter what !
MrsG Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Sure looks like one huh , big enough !
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 3 months ago
You come up with the gems NPC , love it !
MrsG 3 months ago

‘Twill be shining on Svengoolie tomorrow ~ aaaawwwwoooo !
Islander 3 months ago
You bloggers in the Northeast, looks like a sure thing for you getting a hurricane or tropical storm now. Take care and prepare.
Bostonmark should have an interesting intro tomorrow night regarding the banks of the Merrimack.
Lynn Islander 3 months ago
Sending good vibes to everyone in the path of mama nature!
Kergooliewyn 3 months ago
Congrats to you Katink on your trophy! I will probably never get a trophy. I fall asleep too much.
Katink Kergooliewyn 3 months ago
Thank you, Kergooliewyn! I've been 3000th a few times now, even before there was a trophy! But I'll keep trying for #1. . . .
MADave 3 months ago
Katink congrats on being 3,000th blogger hers your trophy 🏆
Katink MADave 3 months ago
Thanks, Dave! It will look great on our mantle!
Withoutaface 3 months ago
Looking forward to tomorrow night a.k.a. Svengoolie Night..... Just have to pick out a good snack for the show... Anybody have a good suggestions? 👀👻🎃
MrsG Withoutaface 3 months ago
? Tollhouse Cookies ?
🍪 *_* 🍪
Kergooliewyn MrsG 3 months ago
Good thinking MrsG.
Katink Withoutaface 3 months ago
Hey there, Withoutaface! Here's the direction we are going to try for Sventurday dinner: since there is a character named Marcel and another named The Creeper, we are making chicken cordon bleu crepes. It's a first for us, so it might be a bit unsightly. . . .
MrsG Katink 3 months ago
Ooo la la Katink ~ you are going very gourmet ~ sounds sooooo goooood !
Katink MrsG 3 months ago
MrsG, It sounded more do-able than the other ideas we had, which involved sculpting foods into statues.. . .
MrsG Katink 3 months ago
WOW ! You’ll have your own food channel before you know it ! And Sven Bloggers will support you all the way ! Love how you show us the results ~ don’t hold back !
CarrieCastro 3 months ago
Ooh good movie for tomorrow night 😱📺
I have seen it before
good too see again 🕸Thanks Sven 🍿🍫
See later 👻

MADave 3 months ago
With hurricane Henri making impact this weekend there is a possibility of me not going into work on Monday so I'm crossing my 5000 fingers (and toes) that it won't be too bad?
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Kergooliewyn MADave 3 months ago
Oh fingers crossed🤞,and hands together 🙏
Kergooliewyn MrsG 3 months ago
That's who it is MrsG.
Katink Kergooliewyn 3 months ago
Nice avatar, Kergooliewyn!
Kergooliewyn 3 months ago
Looking forward to the movie tomorrow night. Read up a little on Rondo Hatton. He was voted handsomest boy in school in his senior year. Going by his picture, I can see why.
Kergooliewyn Kergooliewyn 3 months ago
It's from his 1913 Yearbook picture.
NoPersonalChicks 3 months ago
Mickey Rooney on Wagon Train.
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 3 months ago
I saw that , on my way out to make it to the bank , sorry to miss it !
JohnBlair 3 months ago
MrsG JohnBlair 3 months ago
Price-less JohnBlair !
Made me smile *_*
Kergooliewyn JohnBlair 3 months ago
Haha looks like a muppet.
CarrieCastro JohnBlair 3 months ago
😄 Happy Friday!
Klaatu JohnBlair 3 months ago
Ha! Hilarious. I wonder if that was just happenstance or done on puri?
Islander JohnBlair 3 months ago
Ha Ha I have to admit I saw this pic earlier and wondered, I don't get it ! At least not until Kw's post, it looks like a Muppet. 🤪
Katink Kergooliewyn 3 months ago
That's the first thought I had too!
TheKodakKid 3 months ago
Got my postcard from the Clovis Information and Visitors Center in the mail today.
CarrieCastro TheKodakKid 3 months ago
Hi KodakKid 🙋‍♀️
Nice post card 🤠
Take care❣
Jack TheKodakKid 3 months ago
I like the cresting on the roof ridge. Is it Victorian-style sheet metal, or is Clovis one of the Californian towns with lots of Scandnavians and it’s s’posed to be reminiscent of a Norse roof ridge? I know Kingsburg is also in Fresno County.
LarryTheTrainGuy Jack 3 months ago
This looks like this used to be a railroad station This what some railfans call railroad gothic. It was a way for the railroad to dress up their depots and make them look good in small towns that they served. what is this building used for now ? I have seen them moved from their original site and used for real estate offices, historical museums, restaurants and bookstores.
PatS LarryTheTrainGuy 3 months ago
I see on web that this was indeed a train station -- but was moved about a mile from Tarpey, a town to the south. Not sure of current use, though.
Jack 3 months ago
What was the story with Carrie's van? Drivable but…? [Sorry, I tend to think of cars like living things.]
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Carl_N_Brown CarrieCastro 3 months ago
good to read you & car are OK
Carl_N_Brown Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
(Can I now joke that next Big Blogcast auto be a double feature of DUEL and THE CAR?)
CarrieCastro Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Thank you 🤠
CarrieCastro Carl_N_Brown 3 months ago
Thank you 👻
daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Good Friday morning, group! Before we move into our new cinematic house tomorrow night, let's consider the importance of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL in Vincent Price's transition from character actor to horror film icon. HOUSE OF WAX helped start that transition for the actor back in 1953, but, despite the film's success, Price's roles were generally declining in quality by 1959. In a later interview, he partly attributed this fact to the popularity of the method actor "mumblers" that were rapidly replacing classically trained actors like himself. Thus, they needed to transition to new genres to keep their fan base. This, actors like Price (and later Ray Milland) were able to do by appearing in genre films that were cashing in on the revived interest in classical horror started by the release of the Universal classics to TV, and by the Hammer reboots. HOHH was one of these. Because of this movie's box office profits, ahead for Price awaited a remake of THE BAT, another William Castle production, THE TINGLER, and the AIP-Roger Corman adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe--and steady work, both in and out of the horror genre, for the rest of his career.
MrsG daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Nice Price highlights Dale !
And the very mention of my favorite film makes me TINGLE !
daleuhlmann MrsG 3 months ago
Thanks, Mrs. G!🙂👍
Kergooliewyn daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Nice Dale. Love Vincent Price.
daleuhlmann Kergooliewyn 3 months ago
Thanks, Kergooliewyn!🙂👍
Katink daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Interesting, Dale! I didn't know that crisp diction was such a liability. 🤔
Drang daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Now there's an interesting thought: Did "The Method" kill the Transatlantic/mid-Atlantic accent?
Stanislavski has a lot to answer for...
Lynn Katink 3 months ago
I'm glad that Vincent didn't try to change to go along with the trend!
CarrieCastro 3 months ago
Sorry I have not 🤓 commented on our
TBBC6 last week 😱
I have been under the weather of sorts 🤧

I wanted to thank 🤖 Scottie for planning our activities 💙

Love meeting our
Svengoolie Blogger
Friends Dr. Clayton
and abc123, Kodakkid
wonderfully funny 😄
Jess and I and Tiny
🐩 loved having you
as our guest 💝
Tiny is missing you
all especially abc123
Tiny's playmate 😉

Catbat and Dale it
was really so nice
having you as our
guest in our home👻

Dale and Catbat
thanks for the talks about Sci-fi movies
👾🎥 Many scary stories to share 😨 Thanks!

✈ 😱...
KodaKkid Sorry you
had to wait so long at
the airport for your
flight back home 🤦‍♀️
Scottie said if he knew he would've come
down to keep you company...hope are rested from that delay
we are glad you are home safe 🤠

🌫No sun too smoky..
Our is weather is cooler too bad it wasn't when
you all were here 🙄
But the smoke has settled in😤not good.
it's bad not safe to be breathing that 🤧

Thank you everyone
for our wonderful 😄
BBC6 your all the best
I hope everyone had a
nice time 🙋‍♀️

Have a great day 🤖

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Kergooliewyn abc123 3 months ago
Hi Rusty you adorable pupper!
Katink TheKodakKid 3 months ago
Awwwww! Tiny is so cute!
Katink CarrieCastro 3 months ago
Feel better soon, Carrie!
CarrieCastro Katink 3 months ago
Thank you 🤧💕
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