Who called the Uber from the Underworld? Hop into “The Car” -Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTv- it's the movie my WGN radio pal Nick Digilio calls " 'Jaws' on wheels with a little of 'The Exorcist' thrown in"... as fright on four wheels drives pedestrians and motorists alike to the brink of insanity and beyond- to the great beyond, in some cases- buckle up for  a demonic drive with "The Car"

Our story begins on a highway through the Utah desert,  as a couple cyclists are seemingly stalked by a mysterious black car! A young musician hoping to hitchhike down a rural road makes the mistake of flipping off the auto after a too-close encounter- and is the victim of a severe moving violation!  The men from the sheriff's office question an abusive husband  who saw it all- and  can only say that the vehicle has customized styling and no visible identification, like a license plate.  That evening, after a run-in between the husband and  the sheriff regarding his continued spousal abuse - the car reappears, taking out a member of the police force- leaving deputy Wade (James Brolin) in charge and tasked with tracking down the car and its killer driver. There is one bit of confusing testimony- a witness to the latest hit-and-run swears that the mystery car HAD no driver!

Wade, a single parent with two daughters, tries to convince his wise-cracking school teacher girlfriend and her staff not to hold outdoor marching band practice, but one of his associates is talked into letting them go through with it by his own sweetheart- but with some security measures. Meanwhile, Wade sets up roadblocks and police cordons in various areas around the town and its outskirts-but the vehicle constantly eludes them. The killer car indeed targets the school marching band, but is prevented from completing the attack by...something.  As if in a rage, the mysterious machine heads out to a confrontation with the police,inflicting more damage on the police force, and there is rising suspicion,when it appears bullets have no effect on the car’s body, tires, or windshield, that the car may have supernatural or demonic implications! Its targets become more personal, and Wade must enlist some unexpected help to stop the car- before it stops him!

This 1977 film, with some similarities to Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” TV movie (which we will be bringing back this fall), got plenty of heat from critics for a lot of its plot, acting, and dialogue- see what you think! We'll talk about the cast, including Brolin as Wade; his daughters played by Kim and Kyle Richards, who've gone on to notoriety  on the TV reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, plus, a young Ronnie Cox, John Marley and R.G. Armstrong.  We'll also explore  similarities  of the car to another road-running desert denizen- and have adapted one of our favorite commercial parodies specifically for this film.

“The Car” pulls up on MeTV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central- and you can check the tires , oil, and time and channel in your area in your local listings or at . Chicago area viewers can relive the Abbott and Costello ghost comedy "The Time of Their Lives" today at 11 am on our sister station, WCIU, the U!

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Join us tonight for motorized mayhem and demonic driving on MeTV!