Who’ll Be the Hero When It’s “Godzilla Vs Monster Zero”- Tonight!

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We've got one more match-up on the card of battling behemoths- when denizens of a planet hidden behind Jupiter want to recruit earth's giant monsters to battle a beast that's destroying their world- in the Toho Studios' kaiju confrontation - "Godzilla VS Monster Zero"!

A team of two astronauts are sent to check out the newly-detected Planet X- hidden from Earth's view behind Jupiter! The astronauts, Glenn and Fuji, are surprised to find humanoid-like footprints on the planet surface- and end up descending below the planet surface, where a race of human-like aliens must dwell, due to the attacks made above ground by a horrific monster known as "Monster Zero" (the aliens  explain that "everything is numbers" on their planet- hence the numerical name)! Even their advanced technology can't save them from the mighty creature- whom our earth pals recognize as none other than "King Ghidorrah", who attacked their own planet previously- and the head alien, known as the Controller, proposes a deal.

They want to "borrow" Godzilla and Rodan from Earth, in hopes that they can defeat Ghidorrah and protect them- and, in return- they will give Earthmen a formula which can cure any disease! Though these aliens seem strange and mysterious, the two astronauts  will head back home and present this offer to the authorities.

Meanwhile, back home, Fuji's sister has a boyfriend that her brother doesn't approve of-  a goofy but earnest young inventor named Tetsuo Teri, whose latest invention is a small alarm that emits a truly annoying sound! He makes a deal with a beautiful woman from a large corporation, who promises him big money- but somehow doesn't give it to him after he signs the contract. Fuji finds this as yet another reason that his sister is making a bad decision by being involved with such a goofball! And- speaking of relationships- it's revealed that Glenn is actually dating the businesswoman who Teri made his deal with- Miss Namikawa!

While the earth council is agreeing that the exchange of  creatures for a cure seems to be  a win-win situation- some reservations and suspicions about the aliens that have risen with  Glenn and Fuji  become more serious when  three of the Planet X's saucer crafts appear on earth- BEFORE they have received permission from the council. The Controller apologizes for this, and his alien forces begin to procure Godzilla and Rodan in huge "force bubbles" to transport them to their planet. They will also take our two astronaut pals and a scientist  along with them to  witness the process and the utilization of the two giant monsters against Ghidorrah.

Back on Planet X, in the underground alien headquarters, the still- suspicious Glenn and Fuji sneak away from the  control center  and make some shocking discoveries- which the aliens are not too pleased with- but they still fulfill their part of the bargain by presenting the Earthmen with tape that supposedly  holds the disease cure.

However- even more shocking revelations occur-  and Earth is in great danger- with the giant monsters returning to our planet in a plan to conquer the world!

This 1965 film, originally titled "Invasion of Astro-Monster", and the sixth film in the original Godzilla series from Toho, has more of a science-fiction/ space alien plot, with the usual monster destruction being secondary  for most of the film- but don't worry, there's still plenty of the usual Godzilla action. We'll tell you about the cast, including a familiar face from MeTV as one of the astronauts- Nick Adams- "Johnny Yuma"  of "The Rebel"! We'll also supply some Sven shtick, including a new song.

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"Godzilla Vs Monster Zero" airs tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, and, if you're in a different time zone, or just unsure where to find us in your area- please check your local listings or at . Our Chicago viewers are lucky enough to get a second look at "Gargoyles" (which turned out to be one of our highest-rated movies) at      11 am on WCIU, the U.

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Tonight- join us for the trip to Planet X- for giant monsters, aliens, and plot twists hidden by more than just Jupiter!