You Can't Go Wrong with Kong- Even If "King Kong Escapes"- Tonight!

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Tonight on MeTV- we’re bringing back a vintage show featuring a horror star who has been VERY visible the past few months- as we head to a top secret base in a frigid part of the world (maybe some nice temperature relief for those who have had hot weather this past week!) where a mad doctor is creating his own mechanical version of the world's most famous giant ape-to find that only the real live original can carry out his dastardly plans! However, perhaps he underestimates the over-sized simian, leading to a furry versus ferrous face-off when -"King Kong Escapes”!

No sonic screwdrivers or time-traveling phone boxes are among the weaponry of the scheming Dr. Hu- who has stumbled upon a powerful radioactive substance dubbed "Element X"- and plans to use using stolen blueprints, conceived by a U.N. scientist, to create a mechanical version of the famed King Kong to safely dig up the toxic substance. He has been hired to do so for a rich reward from an unnamed government- whose representative is a sultry mystery woman! However, the best laid plans of men and monkeys can go astray-the radiation is too much for the mechanical Kong.Dr. Hu decides the only way to succeed is by capturing the real Kong and making him submit to the his will!

The U.N. 's Commander Carl Nelson (no relation to Admiral Nelson of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"), joined by Lt. Commander Nomura , and pretty nurse Lt. Susan Watson are in the vicinity of the island where Kong resides (note: in most Kong stories, it's known as "Skull Island" but here, it's called Mondo Island). Sudden mechanical problems with their sub result in a trip to the island, and an encounter with the powerful Kong- who, true to form, finds himself attracted to lovely blonde Susan! He even fights off a dinosaur to protect her- and eventually, reluctantly returns her safely to the now-operable sub!

But on the horizon is -guess who? Yes- Hu! He carries out his plan to capture and utilize Kong- but , once again, things don't go as he planned- so the fiendish scientist kidnaps nurse Susan and her pals , in hopes that Susan can help him control Kong and get him to mine for the powerful radioactive element. Meanwhile, the fetching female agent of the anonymous foreign power makes a play to control Commander Nelson- while the  uncooperative Kong makes his play for freedom, resulting in a showdown between the real deal and Robo-Kong in Tokyo that even Godzilla would approve!

This 1967 film does not have a stop-motion Kong- it's a man in a suit, similar to the classic Godzilla- but it does boast an interesting cast, even as far as the guy dubbing the voice of Dr. Hu ( hopefully, none of our blog commenters will mention it until AFTER the show airs-PLEASE! NO SPOILERS!). We'll talk about that cast ,which includes Rhodes Reason, Mia Hama, Linda Miller, give some background on the production, and more. This film is pretty lengthy, so we'll do a little less Sven shtick to provide you with more of the movie.

"King Kong Escapes" airs tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings. You can join in the live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter- just please make sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie .In Chicago, on our main local station CW26, viewers get another look at the phenomenal “Fiend Without a Face" at 11 am.

Yes, it’s finally revealed- the new Sven merchandise item in our store is one many of our fans have been asking for! It’s the Svengoolie adjustable mesh baseball cap, ready for summer wear, and a great Father’s Day gift for any Dad who is a Sven fan! Check it out in our store!

svengoolie hat

Tonight- join us for Kong ape-preciation night!

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1MikeM 3 months ago
Kong is da King and you can take dat to da bank
1MikeM 3 months ago
.....and dat was King Kong Escapes...and dat's da name a dat tune
abc123 3 months ago
Alright. I have my post ready for the Great 22nd First Post Race of 2021. I have a ton of top 5 finishes, but only 1 first to my name. I am due...
MADave 3 months ago
Was Denver Pyle's beard longer when played Jesse Duke in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD?
daDoctah MADave 3 months ago
Longer than what?
KeithJ 3 months ago
Hey all! Been absent a while, son hurt knee/ankle and just got out of hospital yesterday, so I drove to Tallahassee to keep an eye on him yesterday and will not make tonight's horserace to defend my 3-peat; Gabste should be #1 this week! Regardless, I'll try to make movie tomorrow, won't even be up for toons Saturday morning (and trust me, that hurts!). Miss you all, and will catch up sometime.
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gabste KeithJ 3 months ago
I'll try ! Hope your son gets better very soon ! We miss you at toons !

Keith - Sunray of toonatics 😃
CrazyK KeithJ 3 months ago
Best wishes to you and to your son for a speedy recovery!
Katink KeithJ 3 months ago
Hope your son has a speedy and full recovery, Keith!
Lynn KeithJ 3 months ago
Best wishes, Keith!
MADave 3 months ago
Does anyone know if Andy was still doing Matlock when this tv movie came out?
Drang MADave 3 months ago
Per IMDb, "Return to Mayberry" 1986. "Matlock" 1986-1995.
JournalJeff3 3 months ago
Enjoying Return to Mayberry! Otis went from the town drunk to the ice cream man. A great show!
gabste JournalJeff3 3 months ago
Hello JJ !
daleuhlmann 3 months ago
Watching RETURN TO MAYBERRY right now--very enjoyable. It's a real trip seeing Ron Howard as Opie, all grown up, and with a moustache.
MADave 3 months ago
I think my Svengoolie hat will be arriving sooner that I thought they said by next Tuesday
gabste MADave 3 months ago
Cool !
MADave 3 months ago
If we get another 800 comments before blog change it'll be absolutely AMAZING!
Jack 3 months ago
Another front’s rolling through and I’ve got a headache. It’s thundering and hasn’t rained yet, so I’m gonna call it “heat lightning” even tho’ know heat lightning doesn’t really exist.
Lynn Jack 3 months ago
Sorry about that! Sending good vibes, Jack!
Klaatu Jack 3 months ago
It’s alive!!! Alive!!
gabste Jack 3 months ago
I wish it would rain here !!
MADave 3 months ago
Not too crazy about that lip hair on Chaney Jr.
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