Truck or Treat! Make That “Threat”- Dennis Weaver VS Sinister Semi in “Duel”- Tonight!

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Upcoming Sven Fun to Brighten Your Day

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Even a Man Who is Pure of Heart- Won’t Want to Miss the “Wolf Man”- Tonight!

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Boris Karloff in His Most Famous Role- It’s the Original “Frankenstein”- Tonight!

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In Memoriam

It was on this day in 2013 that we lost a good man- a great... more

Tonight- Classic 1950s Sci Fi Returns- Because “It Came from Outer Space”!

Tonight on Me-TV, company's coming- some visitors who try to blend in by being just like us- literally!... more

A New Show at a New Time! “Medusa Against the Son of Hercules” Tonight!

Yes, tonight is the night of the big move- the Sven show will now start at 8 pm eastern/pacific,... more

Last Class at the Current Time : “Monster on the Campus”-Tonight!

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