Vincent Price's Birthday Month Concludes with a Visit to the "House on Haunted Hill"!

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June Rocks On with a Meteoric Menace- the "Monolith Monsters" -Tonight!

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Lights! Camera! Karloff! Television Mixes with Terror in "Frankenstein 1970"- Tonight!

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Join the Expedition to a Dangerous World- It's the Classic "Forbidden Planet" Tonight!

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43 YEARS for Svengoolie!

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It's the Perfect Recipe for Revenge- When A Make-Up Man Perfects "How to Make a Monster"- Tonight!

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From Doll-Maker to BIG Trouble-Maker-It's "Attack of the Puppet People"-Tonight!

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Even Perry Mason Won't Stop William Hopper's Chasin' of "The Deadly Mantis"-Tonight!

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